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Where to buy quality leather clothes?

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Now I know you can’t post any links (has to be the number one most annoying thing about this forum - anyway), but I need some help finding reputable businesses. So please reply with the business names and if you have links to leather clothing sellers, I welcome them in a private message. 


So so far I have researched the internet and found one supplier that has also since been recommended by a friend - Leatheroctis but they dismissed my custom made enquiry ... I’ll add that they advertise they do make to order. And have since ignored me emails and messages to order. 

I have since been told that someone who trades as Chasbat, is the person to get custom leather clothes from. And after finding their website, I’ve discovered the phone number is disconnected and again the emails and custom order forms are being ignored!! 

So it seems I can’t find a company that even wants my ***! Can anyone on here make any suggestions?

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On 12/02/2018 at 1:11 PM, Yellowshorts said:

Try contacting Bondatrix

I know her, and have already asked. Apparently finding decent leather for women is very hard. 

Thanks for the suggestion though. 

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Forgot to include last sentence.

You are welcome , i shall open my eyes a little more and look out for your requirements , anything i find i shall post for you , a friend request would be ok x. , , and so bondatrix could not help ?

21 hours ago, Yellowshorts said:

...and so bondatrix could not help ?

No ‘V’ was telling me that she buys in the leather goods pre made, and only the men’s stuff is any good. 

Looks increasingly like I will have to buy from abroad. Though I might go back to the company that made my leather corset LUX.  I’ve been checking out their site and they make other leather clothing. Not sure if I’ll get the leather trousers I want from them but certainly the Bra etc I will. 


Thank you for your reply mistress lagertha , i never realised buying leather clothing would be so difficult

Sparkleing strawbery may be worth a look but it is leatherette
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The Pantie Purse sells some really nice leather collars, high quality and leather cuffs and floggers. they don't necessarily sell leather clothing but sell some great stuff. 

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