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Roll up Roll up!!

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This community is just fabulous!!


Creative, insightful, thoughtful and reflective. These things have often been achieved following challenging life events were we have had to face the challenges that being “kinked “ has brought. Each of us,through this journey, has gained insight which is unique in the seeing and understanding of the world around us.


We share our time in a searching for confirmation, insight and advice to assist each other on this kinky journey. 




Imagine all come together in a vivid explosion of colour and creativity. The skills, the knowledge, the joy of being..... each with some thing unique and amazing. 



I would like to introduce the characters for the first ever 



to become a character in the carnival you should comment below with your character, what they do, what they like and how they will achieve this in the setting of the first ever: FETISH CARNIVAL


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Ladies and gentlefolk! Boys, girls, and others! I am...


You'll be amazed and mortified at my cruel cunning! Be mystified and dumbfounded by my sadistic ingenuity! Watch in astonishment how many ways I can torture and torment my stunningly masochistic assistant, mj the kitty!

And remember to catch me at the Spanking booth after my performance! 8D

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Firstly I would like to introduce the spectacular Bear Master.  The Master is dressed in a leather kilt, big boots and a suit and waist coat covering his broad steadfast torso, his piercing dark eyes penetrating anything in their path.

He stands strong with a cane in one hand and a chain in the other, at the end of the chain is an 8 foot 🐻 who towers above all humans. The 🐻 is owned and trained by the Master, he trusts that the Master will care for him and look after him and as such no force is needed. The respect shared by bear and Master is that each needs the other- without the other their life would be less. 


Now, I Welcome you to the wonderous world of womanly intrigue.  I am a fortune teller and dancer of the seven veils. I get enormous pleasure from being watched and admired as well as making other people happy. Come to me and I’ll tell you what is to come and how you can set about achieving your most intimate desires.  I will be dressed in beautiful flowing robes with a headdress of ivy and wild flowers 🌹🌷 


If you find me and the Master somewhere leave us as it might look or sound scary but it’s what we like best!!  


I’m not here nor there
I belong in the shadows 
To the bastards
I am the whisper that wets the appetite
And brings the monsters out to play 
From the shadows I take the lost souls
and by any means necessary
I rip the truth from them 
Before releasing them into the carnival
free to be themselves, vales lifted
All in black...boots that make the ground tremble
you will feel me before you see me 
Who you see depends on the soul you carry
I am the Two Faced Truth Seeker
good or bad
your soul won’t escape me
until truth reveals itself


Tickets please.....

The Knife thrower will begin....

Steady your nerve, hold your breath as I spin her around on the wheel of Death...but fear not folks, no harm she may fear, as my purpose is true, honest and clear.

As it revolves so you will see, that the game we all play is merely for free, but were bound by our task and take stock of our bond, the future is bright above and beyond.

As I finish my show your claps ring out, applause and cries I hear you all shout, but lest not forget the beauty by my side, shes the one that fills me with Pride.

The Carnival will continue......



In a puff of smoke he appears...Acidic the Alchemist!

Shrouded in mystery...how does he create those fantastic potions for all your nefarious needs? Some say he travels to far and dangerous lands. Some say further than that! Beware the piercing blue eyes beneath his hooded cloak; don't stare too long, you may become mesmerised with the wonders they have seen.

At his side; the ever-present beauty, more mysterious than he. Tall and smouldering, yet a quiet essence. Did she arrive with the Alchemist from a journey to some far unknown coast? You should be so lucky to dare to dream of her.

So enter his dim and smoky tent if you dare! But don't forget your purse of silver.


seralie at Yyour service

intune to the intrinsic needs of only those pure to their needs ... shapeshifter ... fantasy fullfiler ... dream walker ... to the lucky few

slips in through a desire as it forms and tingles the senses ... but have care ... i stay only as long as the fantasy remains true to only the self

all will find me cosy at the feet of my One true Master, listen for my silver bell a jingling 


she slips quietly in,  through misty blue and purple waves

those that are drawn into the energy she emits, calm, healing yet aching on display for those to see

aching for the kiss of a whip, the pain searing through her to carry her away in a mist of pain and pleasure 

lady_hara awaits her Master as she bows in blissful submission 


here to confuse and arouse.

here to fuck and get fucked.

come watch me inflict, and take any pleasure or pain.

here is the goth drag mumma of your wet dreams.

here to exhibit the best of both sexes.

bearded lady.. eat your heart out.

here to be intimate with anyone.

here to be your poly amorous sex octopus.


From the far tent at the back of the carnival, soft magical music filters across the madness and chaos. Wavering over the noise and reaching you. It gets in your ear and you are hooked.

As it entices you and lures you in. You are unaware of the fact the carnival has disappeared behind a veil of mist. Slowly forcing you to enter the mysterious tent.

Inside here I am. Waiting to listen to your dreams and desires.  You are unaware that I will break down your walls and soften you. The results are like a sweet poison. You feel intoxicated. You have left the path and met the Smiling Assassin.

There is no going back. I am under your skin. You are lost in my fantasy. Let MY show begin.


Behold the Lord with the mystical voice of command! 

See as as he quietly speaks the words of the spirit and soul to those who seek to gain knowledge and wisdom. How their bodies cease to be their own and He makes them experience sensations and movement they never have encountered before! 

How they lose control in His presence and their body reacts to Him instead of what they wish. A simple word and gesture will feel like lighting across the skin and limits they thought they possessed are far exceeded.

Behold the tool He used to play His trade and how a mere glance can move more than should he allowed.

Is it magic? Is it psychic? Is it science? Only by viewing His work or opening up your mind to the unknown world of His command will you discover the secrets of your very innards depths.

Come see the Lord with the mystical voice.. if you dare.

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In the distance you hear them, softly at first then getting louder as she approaches. The ring of the cymbals that are an extension of those long delicate fingers, mesmerising as they capture the attention of her prey. As she approaches closer and closer the crowd gathers, in a hypnotic state growing deeper and deeper with each chime. The Gypsy Kay floats in, the black and red gown she wears twirls around her like a cloud, drawing those she wishes to capture further into her snare. Those that are able to fight against the pull of the chimes and the comfort of the silks will wear plugs in their ears and squeeze close their eyes to avoid being captured. Those that are unable to avoid the pull are drawn in Into the silky folds of her dress, she traps the souls of those her Master wishes for. She delivers them to him, in service to her Master for the pleasure he seeks from them, drive them to the depths of pain and pleasure like none have seen

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You hear his bones clacking in the distance as he approaches, not sure of who it could be, but then a skeleton walks into view,  a live one at that "How is this possible" you think to yourself, but it is the Ringleader who gives him life, allows him to walk this kinky world of fantasies and fetishes.

As he approaches further into view you think "what is he going to do" but then a sword falls from the roof of the tent and the skeleton merely picks it up and inserts it into his ribcage, then one comes flying from behind him and impales him from behind, piercing another of his ribs, he then twists his head sideways so his head is resting on his shoulder, feeling no pain whatsoever, from either the weird contortion or the swords. He carries on walking, into the spotlight for all to see, the crowd gasps, not seeing anything like this before "Does he feel no pain" the crowd wonders, but the skeleton looks at them with a cold, blank, empty, dead stare, he continues with his act, a dagger comes flying from the shadows, which the skeleton catches, a split second before it could split his skull, but as he has done before, he thrusts the dagger into his ribs. He continues walking, now in a circle, for all to see, to prove that he cannot feel the pain that is bestowed upon him, a pain which would definitely drive a mortal to the brink of death, but alas for the living skeleton, it is nothing. Suddenly he slowly removes the dagger from within his ribs with one hand and whilst staring at it with the same empty stare, slowly flips his palm upwards and inserts the dagger between the bones of his forearm, he then left's his hand that was holding the dagger fall to his side... 


do you feel lucky, do you?  Do you feel lucky.

Play a game of luck with the Black Sheep.  But, remember the phrase - "lucky for me - I don't believe in luck"

Right before you, a world of fantasy and magic awaits - will you be lucky enough to see behind the curtain?

or, do you have to earn your way there?

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she walks in slowly the 5 foot little lady. the ring master tells you that what you are about to see will shock you behond your wildest imagination.


you watch as the lady walks into the center of the ring. to the pulsateing sound of trance music. she is coverd in nothing but a red velvet gown that sweeps the floor as she walk. that is all she wears.  her long black silk hair flows down her back almost to the the point wear her back joins her bum. 

the ring master follows  her to the center of the ring and says ladys and gentlemen boys and girls. do not move from were you are seated. do not make any sudden movments and do not be scared. 

the beat of the music becomes faster and more pulsateing. the lady sways as if in a trance to the music. slowly she dances winding her way to the floor . as she does this she removes her simple red velvet dress. till she is on all fours.

then all of sudden the music stops and a loud crack from the ring masters whip echoes around the tent.


all of a sudden the ladys body moves about and black fur appears . starting from her head and flowing down her body like water running doen a small gentle river. it takes but seconds and were the little lady w once was on all fours apears a magestic black silk panther. the crowd gasps in shock an terror as the 1s small lady now black panther roars. 


the ring master then takes a lead and collar the same colour  as the velvet dress the little lady as left on the flour.  from a hidden pocket in his black velvet cape. he puts down his whip and then puts the red collar around the panthers neck. then he attaches a black chain lead to the collar. he picks up the whip an then walks round the the tent in front of the 1st row of seats. so that every one can see the panther.


he then walks to the center of the circle were he takes a bow and once more the panther roars makeing the audience gasp



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But wait who is this can you feel her power drawing you in  that stance as she stands at the entrance of her tent knowing she means buisness she is an astonishing, unimaginable creature of sorts which embodies everything that is sexy and all things of which is considered desirable, pleasurable, and sexual... She has it all...this unique being with a intoxicating candy sweet skin, full-lips, curvaceous hips, long smoothlegs, entrancing silky warm voice, eyes which could cause flames in the hearts of men, and hair that fingers would get lost in.... She can and will make any man fall down to their knees and submit to her ...Unlike sirens or succubus of mythology and folklore she is no myth She is the goddess...the temptress...the mistress among mistresses...a beauty the thing that desires and fantasies are made of and what the male mind could only possibly conjure up from dreams... shes the un-tamable the un-corruptible she is vixen and she is waiting for you xx

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