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Erotic fictional stories


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Jane Redding was a successful business women with rich red hair, succulent curves, perfect 32D breasts, and long slim legs. She was strong and dominant in her character, and wasn't afraid of making her presences known at the board meetings. this however wasn't going un-noticed. One afternoon during the board meeting jane was particularly strong with some of the comments made to her collages, at the end of the meeting Rachael who was janes boss and chaired the meeting, requested that jane should see her after the meeting, as she had something that would suit janes drive and ambition.

  After the meeting jane stayed behind as requested, and wondered what Rachael had for her. Rachael said she had double booked a meeting that evening, and asked if jane would be open to covering one for her, "I can cover the press meeting myself" said Rachael, but I need you to cover a dinner meeting with a potential high profile client Mrs Jessica Lord, there will be a car to take you to the restaurant, and the meal is already paid for, and the client will be there waiting for you at 8 pm. Jane smiled and said she would be delighted to cover the meeting for her. Rachael gave her the rest of the afternoon to go home and get ready for the meeting as it was at a exclusive restaurant, and she new that jane would need to change.

   Jane left the office as advised by Rachael and headed home to change in to something more appropriate for the meeting, Jane got home and throwing off her business suit, headed to the shower, she chose a tight black ankle length dress with a deep cut in the back from her closet, that she had been saving for a special occasion like this, not slutty but elegant and dignified, which would hug her in all the right places, she new she would have to ware a thong with the dress to avoid her panties showing through the material, and hold up stocking for the same reason, she went with the red 5 inch heals to make a statement, and proceeded to take time with her hair and makeup to give the right impression, before getting dressed.

   At 7.30 sharp she heard the door bell, and knew it was the driver of the town car, letting her know he had arrived. At 8pm on the nose they arrive at one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city, and was greeted by the door man who opened the car door and escorted her inside, he stated that Mrs Lord was running behind a little, and would be with her around 8.15, in the meantime if she would like a drink from the bar, one of Mrs Lord's bodygaurd's had been sent ahead to keep her company, Jane scanned the bar for her chaperone, and her eyes settled on a six foot two inch nicely muscled man, and chiselled features, " that's him madam, the gentleman at the end of the bar" said the doorman and Janes pulse quickened a little as she was introduced. His name was Griff Christianson, he was in his late forties with salt and pepper hair, blue within blue eyes, and a sensual smile. " can I get a drink for you maam" said Griff in the most slow, erotic southern American accent Jane had ever heard. Jane lost herself for a moment, and he spoke again "maam a drink", Jane regained her composure and said "a white wine please", Griff raised his hand and the barman responded immediately, "Sir", "Pinot Noir, for the lady and a lime and soda please", Jane was lost again as Griff's soft mellow voice ordered the drinks, and again took a few moments to compose herself again as Giff handed her the glass. They chatted at the bar for what seemed about an hour or more, and jane could not take her eyes from his, she drank his smile and soft voice which were more intoxicating than the two or three glass of wine she had drunk, she heard a muffled voice, Griff said "Maam there has been a change of plans and Mrs Lord had to return to Georgia on some urgent business, but would love to have her come so they could meet", Jane was startled for a moment and said she would call her boss to ok it, after a few minuets Jane said that Rachael her boss was insistent that Jane should go, as Mrs Lord was an important client, and she should not disappoint her. Griff Clicked something in the palm of his hand and there was a muffled voice again, "ok maam if you could come with me there's a car waiting outside to take us to the the airport" Griff Said, "should we stop at my home to pick up an overnight bag" Jane asked, " no time maam, and we can accommodate your needs at the house, were used to this kind a thing" Griff said. He placed his arm around her waist and escorted her out of the restaurant to the waiting car which was stood with the rear door open. She slipped into the back seat of the car and as Griff was about to close the door said "could you keep me company, I feeling a little nervous, this is all a little new to me" Griff smiled "sorry maam that's not protocol and i'll be right in front if you need me". before she new it they had sped through the city traffic and were at the airport, where they boarded a private jet bound for Georgia. On arrival Jane was once again whisked into a waiting car, which wound its way out into the countryside. "not long now maam" Griff said, and a few minuets later they turned up a long narrow drive, which lead to what Jane could only describe as a colonial mansion. She was escorted to one of what could only be one of the many parlour's of the house, where she was greeted by Mrs Lord, "I'm sorry about all this " said Mrs Lord, " it's all fine, please, there's no need to apologise" said Jane,. Mrs Lord was an elderly coloured woman, around five foot four, with a jolly and caring face. Mrs Lord pulled a bell pull at the side of the door and asked for tea to be brought in. Jane and Mrs Lord talked for the rest of the evening, with Mrs Lord closing the meeting stating that she would be pleased to engage in business with her firm on the understanding that only Jane would work on the account, Jane said that shouldn't be a problem and would pass the information on to Rachael tomorrow. "nonsense" Mrs Lord said almost at a shout, "I could not let you go without at least showing you some southern hospitality" "But I only have the cloths I'm wearing" said jane " no need to worrie , I'm sure we can accommodate you tonight and I'll have Griff take you shopping for some thing in the morning" Mrs Lord said.

Mrs Lord pulled the bell pull at the side of the door, and Griff appeared moments later, Please take Jane to the guest room on the second floor, and Griff please make yourself at her disposal tomorrow" Mrs Lord said "good night , and I will see yawl tomorrow". Griff escorted Jane to the second floor guest suit, which was what could only be described as the most beautiful rooms Jane had ever seen, in the bedroom stood a solid looking four poster bed with soft d***s hung around each of the posts, a large ottoman at the foot of the bed, beautiful patinaed oak closet with matching chest of draws and dressing table with triple mirrors. the lounge had beautiful soft three seater and two seater sofas with a small low table between them and was softly lit by two corner lamps, the bathroom was just as beautiful as the bedroom and lounge, with a large bath stood on clawed feet in the middle of the room and soft full length bath robes hung on the rear of the door. Griff made his goodnight to Jane in his soft southern voice, and closed the door.

End of Part One

More Tomorrow


"32D"?? It's a wonder she could even stand up straight. Her back must be killing her.

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Part Two

Jane secretly wished that Griff would have stayed longer with her, but resided to take a long soak in the bath to calm her lustful thought's. She slipped out of her dress, and went into the bathroom, and turning on the faucets, and adding some bubble bath, Jane sat on the edge of the bath gently swirling her fingers in the filling water, and drifting of into a lustful thoughts of Griff once again. Janes imagined Griff's soft caress as he held her in his strong arms, and the touch of his kisses on her neck and lips, Jane was abruptly brought out of her daydream a sudden knock at the door to the suit, and donning one of the robes from the bathroom headed to the door, she opened it to find Griff standing there holding a sheer nightgown. "I guessed you'd need something for tonight, unless...." there was a long pause and Jane smiled which turned into a little smirk, and said " thankyou" Griff smiled back at Jane " I'll see you in the morning ma'am", "yes, the morning, right, yes" stammered jane, Griff smiled again, and closing the door left. Jane placed her back against the closed door and let out a breath, her pulse was racing again, "shit the bath" jane said with a start and throwing the gown on the bed ran to the bathroom, finding the water in the bath four inches from the top turned off the faucets and dropped the robe to the floor, she slid her panties to her ankles and stepped out of them and slid into the warm foamy water. Jane laid there for a few minuets before her lustful thoughts drifted back into her mind. As she laid there dreaming she ran he left hand over her left breast, and the soft pink rosebud of her nipple which became instantly hard to the touch. she ran her right hand over the other breast, but carried on sliding it down over her stomach to the top of her pubis, she hesitated there gently stroking the soft shaved skin of her pubis, then slid her hand down to her budding clitoris, and began gentle circular strokes, she closed her eyes and imagined the soft kisses once again, and began to feel the spark of electricity as rhythmic stroking began to have her drift further into her fantasy. She slid her index finger over the petals of her pussy and could feel how wet she was even in the warm water of the bath, and bring her left hand to her clit to take over the rhythmic stroking slid her finger into her wet pussy, not deep, but just deep enough to reach her G spot. She teased her G spot and clit, and let out little moan of pleasure 'hmmmm, ohhhh, hmmmm". she could feel her body starting to stiffen as the sparks of pleasure from her clit and G spot flooded her brain, building and building, getting stronger and stronger, then overwhelming her she let out a moan of sheer pleasure "O O O Ohhhhh" her body shuddered with the ecstasy as she climaxed, she laid there eyes closed taking every every bit of the endorphins released by her climax, not wanting to waste any bit of them. After a few minuets she opened her eyes, and smiled to herself. Jane laid in the bath for another 10 minuets or so, before getting out and drying herself, donning the robe once again she headed back into the bedroom. Slipping of the robe she picked up the nightgown and stepped into it, It fitted her perfectly and she wished Griff could see her in it, "he's got a good eye" she said to herself, the sheer material of the gown showed off her seductive curves and breasts, Jane smiled to herself as she slid into the bed, and drifted off to sleep, and new she was going to have some hot dreams about the soft spoken, seductive bodyguard.

end of part two

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thanks for the likes there is more to follow, bit of a work in progress


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