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Need some advice

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Hi need some advice I'm brand new to the BDSM World and I'm as green as grass.

Is this common practices when going to a dungeon for the first and not being a member and for the first time with a new Mistress. (We offer a refund of £1000 immediately you check in with your partner) I haven't done anything yet but is this a Scam?


Hello there,

Sorry for the late reply.

The dungeon comes with toys, facilities, clothes, gym, pool, food and invites to kinky parties.

You have it for 30 visits more like 30times.

So it's £500 each for registration and membership.

£500 each for insurance(refundable)

We offer a refund of £1000 immediately you check in with your partner. 

Do not hesitate to ask questions

Warm regards,




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If in doubt hit your favourite search engine for going rates in your area, or the specific place, check reviews like you would if spending that sort of *** on anything else..got to say this isn't an arrangement I've heard of before..my gut is screaming scam and that she's just rinsing you.

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Paying our for dungeon time seems a big leap for someone so new to BDSM. Is it your intention to find a mistress or master to teach you perhaps? If it is, then I'd follow their lead rather than wasting your time and ***.

Perhaps your looking to play with a partner? If that's the case I'd suggest a workshop of some kind. Again you'll probably find helpful people in your area who will know more about what's on offer in your local clubs and groups etc. The internet will show you where many are although covid is not good for face to face meetings rn.

If your just new and curious there are plenty of people here to show you around and the forums and posts are great to read and learn from. In them you'll find lots of advice and some people have been kind enough to signpost to other places where you can read up and learn too.

It sounds like you need a good teacher my friend. May be time to do some networking for your advice.

It would be better if you shared your intentions with everyone so you can get the best advice from every one here.


Sorry.. getting ahead of myself. missed where you said your meeting with a new mistress. Meet first... later! You won't know if she's right for you until you've met. You may need to pay a small fee to do so for her time but it'll be well worth it to check it all out first. As above from MzJax google and review sites are your best friend for open reviews.


yeah, it's a scam.

you turn up, it doesn't exist, the Mistress doesn't exist, you don't get your refundable deposit back


I'd say definitely a scam stay well clear if I was you


sounds like a right scam. If you want that kind of experience, most dungeons cost a lot less and no "membership" required. There are some neart you - check the browse button for places here, you'll find one near you. Though most are not open at the moment due to the coof. Alternatively find a pro to guide you into these experiences, then visit a local munch when they meet again.


That's gotta be a scam. That's incredibly expensive. And for someone who is new, that's a lot to drop even if it was real.

This site shows you your local dungeons (though most are closed currently) but I recommend you start there.


It sounds like a scam.

Did your "new mistress" ask you to book it?

If you are permitted to meet face to face where you are at the moment then ask for a quick meeting with her.

If she is a pro-domme then you might have to pay a little.

If she throws a fit then she's likely part of the scam - Sorrry.


to try to help with "what is normal"

So.  Some dungeons that host parties etc. do have a membership (but not all do) but it's usually £5-£20 per year and you usually pay again on entry for each event you attend or hire you make.  This is usually something you'd pay after you've seen the premises and is also a vetting process, because you want to be happy it's somewhere you want to be a member of.  They want to be happy to have you a member.

This often also helps their obligation with local councils.


Sometimes things aren't black and white, for example if you are hiring somewhere, or visiting an event, in another city.  I've done both.  

Typical hire rates for dungeons are £20-£50 per hour.  Some are able to offer discounts if you book a block (i.e. £50 an hour, or 6 hours for £200) and some do an overnight rate (i.e. £250 for 7pm-10am) 

Many do request a deposit, which is usually circa 50% of the hire up front, because obviously if you don't show up it's too short notice to let it out again.  This is no different to, say, paying in advance for a hotel room.


I'm unaware of anywhere in the UK that does a refundable system, but I'm sure some probably do.   This happens in live music, for example, that you might pay £50-£100 deposit on a room which you get back if the bar makes a certain amount of *** and/or you don't trash the place.

But, certainly, we'd be talking £50-£100 and not £1000 which you're given back on arrival.

Equally, if you pay this £1000 and they then give it to you back, how are they making *** from your 30 visits?!  This set up they claim to have (they don't) is extremely expensive to maintain....

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