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Intricate second skin disguise + mermaid fetish


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Hello all, newbie here. I've always had a fetish for women wearing wigs and colored contacts to disguise themselves. I also love to see women wearing transparent and almost invisible nylon and latex, and what gets me off most is when I know they wear a layer but I can't tell, or multiple layers of sheer nylon like fishnets on top of nude pantyhose.

Also when I was very young (in the 70s!) I saw a circus act on TV where a girl was swimming inside a giant fish bowl pulled on a cart around the ring, and what I found exciting was that she never seemed to have to surface to get fresh air. The act must have been at least five minutes long, and it's practically impossible to hold one's breath for so long while swimming and moving a lot. I later assumed that there was some clever video editing involved, or that she used an air hose of some sort like the ones used by the "mermaids" in the shows in Florida. I've scoured the internet for something similar but I've never found something that looks anything like that particular act.

My wife is game for sometimes putting on pantyhose and catsuits and play along in the bedroom and I'm happy with that. I got a wig for her but she felt ridiculous, and she doesn't like contact lenses. With time my fetishes have become almost separated from our relationship, but there's no major problem since I'd probably been masturbating to something vanilla anyway if it wasn't for my particular tastes. Very few latex pics and vids I find on the internet can excite me, so what I've done is make up written stories about a girl who's always encased in an invisible second skin and disguised with wigs and contacts, and who works in a mermaid show.

I'd like to know if there are any others here who also have had to make up their own fetish stories, maybe you can also relate to this particular fetish?


Interesting, I suppose I can relate to this a little. The rubber second skin and transformation fetish


Thanks Chiana, you look great in your skinsuit! Even though I'm not TS or H, I find myself looking at Youtube videos featuring guys wearing female masking. Especially those that use the silicone Femskin suits, and also the CreaFX masks while going to public places. There are also some newer Chinese channels with masking that looks extremely natural and I find it very sexy.


I've always been drawn to transformation sites and movies that involve morphing and costumes before finding this site. It's the becoming someone or something else. An escape from the mundane reality. Lately, in my new suit, I've been feeling a high unlike anything else. I'd say if you did try it you'd never feel the same again.

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Thanks ChastityPup, I don't know if it makes sense but while I fantasise about how incredibly sexy this fictional encased girl of my stories must feel, I don't imagine being her or even with her. It's as if I'm only watching her swimming through the glass, or imagining she's someone I see in public somewhere. For example, I once went to a shop and the girl at the checkout was wearing colored contacts and a wig that looked very natural — I got a massive, embarrassing hardon because for me she became that extreme girl in that brief moment. I wasn't interested in her as a person, or even sexually...isn't it strange?

EDIT: I don't consider myself to be a classic voyeur that likes to spy on people. Maybe the "look but not touch" has something to do with not feeling worthy of having sex with a woman with all those extras I imagine, since I have a slight handicap. As I mentioned earlier, my wife won't go all in with the outfit so I'm stuck dreaming about it.

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