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College Adventure part 3


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They walked down the halls for a minute or so, and pulled into a short side hall with doors. The professor stopped and knocked on one of the doors. She could feel some of his cum reaching down to her stocking tops at least. She really wasn't sure what was going on. She heard the lock on the door operated, and it was cracked open. The professor opened the door and helped her into the room. She was now in the office of the dean of the department. The professor told the dean that she was having difficulty with her grades in his class. Then he took her coat off. She was instantly humiliated, because of her state. Her shirt was pinning her arms to her side, her exposed breasts with erect nipples were on full display. She could tell by his look that he could see the cum running down her legs from under her skirt. But she also saw the look in his eyes, and it captivated her.
The dean said that these were serious allegations, and asked if she had anything to say. She couldn't say anything at all, she just stood there. After a few seconds he told her that he would just have to punish her in the tradition of a fine Catholic school. He came over and moved her over to a smaller side table, and bent her over it, laying her top on the table. Her professor came over and grabbed her shoulders, holding her down. She looked over and saw him pick up a wooden paddle. She whimpered a little, then she felt him flip her skirt up onto her back. He said no panties either, and told her that was going to require a different punishment for inappropriate clothing.
Then he struck her hard on her bare ass. It hurt, making her cry out in ***. Four more times he spanked her hard. She lay there sobbing as she heard him lay the paddle down. Then he started stroking her butt, soothing it. That went on for several seconds, until she heard him unzip his pants. She started to move, but the professor held her in place. She felt hands spreading her cheeks, then felt a hard cock being put into her backdoor. He wasn't as big, but he was big enough, every thrust going deeper and stretching her more. Her back arched, trying to get away, but just allowing him better access as he drove himself inside of her. Her groans changed to moans as it started to feel good. This is what she had seen in his eyes earlier that captivated her. All he had seen was a sex object he wanted to use, and she wanted him to. She saw the professor unzip his pants and pull himself out, filling her mouth. She already knew how he liked it, and swallowed him immediately.
Taking them both for a time, she was getting into the rhythm when the professor pulled out. The dean pulled her back and turned her, making sure he stayed inside her. He pulled her upright as the professor approached her. The professor reached down and picked up her legs, putting them around his waist, as he slid himself inside her. Her moans increased as she found herself taken in both pussy and ass at the same time. In seconds they had set up a rhythm where one went in as the other pulled back, and she found herself begging for more. She didn't know how long they both pounded her, only that she lost herself more than once. Then within seconds of each other, she felt both of them fill her from both sides, causing her to let go again.
They put her down, and got dressed properly. Then the professor helped her out her shirt back on. The dean then said that as a final punishment she was being appointed as the professor's personal assistant. She could feel both of them mixing and running down her. She felt the professor reach between her legs and scoop some onto his fingers. Then he put those fingers in her mouth. As she sucked on his fingers, tasting both men in her mouth, the professor looked her in the eye. He told her he was having a dinner later and expected her at his home by 5:30. He told her he would have a uniform for her to wear for the event. Now she really wondered just exactly what she had started today. But one thing she knew, she had never felt like this before, and she liked it.

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