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EDM Fest Adventure DD & Pet

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A steamy sexual encounter between puppy and her Dominator(DD). puppy is waiting in her hotel room blindfolded, wearing only a skirt and fishnet stocking, and she is on her back close to the edge of bed. DD quietly enters the room and carefully removes his clothes. The DD then swiftly grabs puppy knees with both hands and spreads her with ***. The DD then slides his hands slowly down puppy inner legs till he reaches the closest point of her thighs near her pussy. puppy moans in arousal and the DD then caresses her with a series of slow sensual strokes and twirls of his fingers. puppy flows with pleasure and her pussy opens slightly. puppy is breathing heavily now and she begins to sway her hips. The DD then moves his head in close. He runs his tongue over her pussy with a wet light touch. puppy then moans in pleasure as he then clamps his lips over her pussy. puppy raises her hips slightly into the DD's mouth. Wendy continues to moan and just as she arches her back in pleasure the DD spanks her hard. puppy yelps in shock and apologizes to him. The DD moves his head back to her clit and continues to spank her with his hand. Wendy is now moaning in *** and arousal. The DD continues to spank her till her ass is red and sensitive. The DD then lifts puppy body up a bit and then ***s her to lie on her side. The DD then enters Wendy from behind and she stretches her arms out across the bed. puppy is moaning and writhing with pleasure. The DD continues to fuck her with long deep strokes. puppy continues to moan and squirm. The DD then moves his hands down and under her and grabs her huge breasts. The DD then grabs puppy hips and ***s her to press her buttocks up against him. He then slides his cock deeply into her and he begins to pound her with harder and harder strokes. puppy is moaning in pleasure and her moans are getting louder. The DD then moves one of his hands down and under puppy body and he begins to massage her clit with his fingers. Wendy is now moaning weakly. The DD rubs her clit in circles and then he pulls his cock out of her and he moves his hands down to her hips. He then enters her again from the back and she arches her back in pleasure. Wendy is moaning and she begins to sway her hips again. The DD again pulls out of her and he then moves around to her front. He slides his cock back into puppy and he grabs her tits hard. The DD then begins to move faster in and out of her with powerful strokes. puppy moans out in pleasure and the DD moves his hands down to her stomach and he pushes her back down and almost onto her front. The DD then grabs her hips and continues to thrust into her powerfully. puppy moans with pleasure and the DD slams his cock into her. puppy is moaning and writhing wildly. The DD starts to move faster trying to get to the peak of his orgasm. The DD then slams his cock into her one, two, three, four times and then he collapses down on top of her. The DD and puppy remain in this position breathing heavily. puppy then pulls the blindfold off. The DD pulls out of her.

"Was that good for you?" the DD asks.

"For me it was amazing. I never thought you could be so snappy with your hands and be so gentle at the same moment. I think you really punished me. But it was perfect. I loved it," puppy says. She then kisses the DD.

"You are a fantastic submissive.

Your going to hold me and play with my body as i rest.
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