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College Adventure part 4


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She got her things and went home to her apartment. She cleaned herself up in the shower, the hot water helping to ease some ***s she had gained today. But unfortunately it didn't do anything for others. She felt a hunger that she knew food wouldn't help her with. She found herself floating through the early afternoon, in a state of euphoria. She found herself almost ready in time to go to the professor's residence. She had no idea what might happen, but that hunger inside her was growing. She was tastefully dressed as she headed out the door, as well as both excited and apprehensive about the rest of the night.
She arrived at the house right on time and went to the door. She rang the bell and shorlty it was answered by the professor. He invited her in and she followed him to the kitchen. He explained that tonight she would help serve dinner. He showed her a wooden chair at a wall a few feet to the side of the table. She was then pointed towards a side room. He told her that a uniform was laid out on the bed for her to wear. She was told that the hairpiece was so she could put her hair in a tail to keep it out of the way. When she was seated she was also supposed to sit open legged, knees at least one foot apart. She was also to wear only the provided uniform, nothing else, with the exception off her heels she had worn. As she started towards the room he stopped her. He reached towards her breasts, and gently picked up the sapphire necklace she had worn. After a few moments he lifted her hair on one side and saw she had matching earrings. He said she should keep them also. Then with a pat on her butt, he sent her on her way.
She got to the door, and saw a sign next to it that said Assistant's Quarters. She giggled as she went in. She set her things down. And then she was horrified. There were only two things on the bed, a hair scrunchy, and a modified French maids apron. Not a uniform, just the apron. She almost gibbered for a moment, but then she remembered the events at the dean's office. Almost immediately her body was flooded with a hunger again, and she couldn't help but shiver in excitement as she felt herself getting wet just looking at it.
After a couple of seconds she felt herself starting to get undressed. She didn't even remember telling herself to do it. She put it on and looked in the full length mirror in the room. The necklace and earrings helped bring out the blue in her eyes. The tail caused them to better stand out. The apron. There wasn't exactly a lot there. It had two arm straps, the cloth of the apron started just below her breasts, and only went down as far as just below her belly button. Looking in the mirror she realized the import of the instructions she had received. She would be on display at all times....all of her would be visible.

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