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What is the longest you took a break from this? Was it worth returning to?


Depending on what you consider as "this"

11 years.

I went to Fetish clubs 2001/2002 ish time.    I made splosh videos with me first wife

But, after that whereas there were elements of kink/fetish in some relationships - it was 2013 before I returned to 'the scene'


20+ years........absolutely best decision in decades, freedom to just finally be me,not other people's status symbol!🙏

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almost 10 years, got totally disillusioned with the actions of so many A holes, put my time getting more in to the local rock/metal alt music scene.  I kept my toe dipped in between but nothing locally.


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My first husband came out as kinky and I dominated him for a year in 2002 until I got sick of his snivelling emasculated self (in hindsight we were both young and he was on his own journey,  as was i... consensually emasculated btw), several crotchfruit later and another ex husband I finally bloomed back into kink in 2016... worth every bit!!



10 years the first time. Came back for another 10 then left for 13 and I will not back out again. It’s cost me dearly and much more then romantic relationships. Still worth it. What’s worth it for me though is not going to make it worthwhile to you. It’s an individual choice.


20+ years. Learned I liked kink in college and then married a vanilla woman for nearly 20 years. Post divorce I committed to being me. Kinky Dom who ***ts his nails and wears jewelry and dresses like a rockstar, all while coaching CEOs. Viva authenticity.

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7 years stop married my sub life kill us in way now divorce and I am back not to leave. Living my life without regrets

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