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Not kink related…just some insight.


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The Written Word


People often comment on my ability to express emotions and feelings in my writings, asking where it comes from, where I get my inspiration from. Truth is, it is just inside me. I was never particularly good at English in school, too much about grammar and not enough about sustenance. But, to answer the question.

Articulating feelings and emotions, expressing one’s thoughts and ideas for all to see, has always been done through the medium of the written word, pictures, and music. Putting form to things we only feel but cannot touch is one of our greatest gifts. We use it to give form and praise to our gods, express our faith, and confess and celebrate our love. We exercise our demons and put voice to our sadness and isolation.

As a pagan I believe in the power of the written word and its music. It has always been our way, to manifest emotions and feelings into tangible form to carry a message. We use them in rituals, circles, spells and as protection. They are ingrained into our soul.

We are but a melody in the cosmic order, each life adding a note to the melody. Joining millions of other melodies dancing from starts to super nova’s, birthing planets to swirling black holes, ever changing, ever growing, ever expanding.

The dawn of time, the nativity of Origin, the single spark of awareness giving birth to the first note, that grew into the simplest of melodies, dancing out across the void. Yearning, searching, expanding util withdrawing into the great crescendo that scattered matter into the emptiness, casting Origin out into the newly formed cosmos to create endless melodies, ever evolving, ever learning, ever seeking.
To be part of this, to play my note, to give my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences, to be part of the pages of the greatest symphony ever written…The symphony of life…is all the inspiration I need.


Well said, well written, wonderfully thought out


I’m a summer Solstice born June 21st I’m in the same forest of thought. Wonderful gathering of words to help me sleep tight thank you 🙏

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I feel what you are saying,  it's so true there is music that is played that very few can hear it and see it but you need to feel it. Like life. Love the way you express yourself.🧚‍♀️

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Thank you for sharing, I to love writing and using this to express my thoughts feelings and emotions. Words have the power to hurt, heal and empower. Like you I find they flow from within, from that connection to source energy that embraces us all and for some reason reading your words here reminded me we are never alone. Blessings to you 🙏❤️
On 3/15/2021 at 7:09 AM, PaganDawn said:

Thank you both for your kind words...and blessed be 😊

Now I understand your user name fully. 😊

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