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Good Girl

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Do you think I’m strong enough? 

To keep hold of this air in my chest 

Do you think I’m tough enough?

To end my dreams of eternal rest


Resilience. Adversity. 

Oh sorry tale

It taught me the truth 

In silence I wail


No one will notice 

And no one will care

So I’ll be a good girl

Parading my lair


What if I’m tired of this mask on my face?

Who would I speak to of my darkest desire?

Is there really a place I could ever feel safe?

Or will I always be ashes never rising from fire? 



I hide behind the mask daily to hide my true self afraid to let loose who I am inside daring to be that fire out of control embracing every darkest desire, a sadistic devil layered within 


We all wear a mask and that’s ok. There are different masks for different facets of our lives. There are certain masks that must always be maintained because we do have to live in the world but there’s also your true self who’s mask gets to come off once you find someone to trust with your inner self. Not wanting to date and get into a strictly vanilla relationship anymore I’ve started asking questions before investing my time and energy into someone just to find out later our lifestyles won’t mesh. The question I always ask someone either before if I have gotten to develop a friendly demeanor with or by the end of the first date is if they know what BDSM is and if they’re willing to explore that part of themselves. I’d they look uncomfortable it’s an automatic friend zone. Embrace your mask but know when it’s right for you to let it slip off.


thanks for the reply on that has helped a lot 

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