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Munch Notes/Agenda - How to keep yourself safe online - 4th March 2021


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Munch Notes/Agenda – How to keep yourself safe online - 4th March 2021

*Backdated munch notes/agenda, please feel free to add if you have any questions or comments*


Host:  @Shenna

Content Contributors: @lil-monster @PixieDust  


1.  What are the tactics of an online scammer?

  • Will try and win you over and gain your trust
  • They will work hard in getting to know you, so that you will reveal more about yourself
  • They will be particularly interested in where you work, your financial situation, your occupation,
  • your family members, past relationships
  • Target the ***, the lonely


2.  Do you know what to look out for? What are some of the common signs?

  • Their tactics are different depending on the person they are targeting.
  • They never reveal much about themselves unless you ask or they will provide you with a pre-written script.


3.  Do you know how to spot a online scammer?

  • Fake photos normally nabbed off the net
  • English is broken, giving you thoughts that maybe English is not their first language
  • Will try and get you off site within minutes of chatting, to another social media site such as Hangouts or ,
  • Normally searching for one true love, or God-***ing man or woman
  • Spelling mistakes will often occur look out for those


4.  Do you think with the ongoing pandemic/covid-19 have you seen a rise in scammers online?


5.  Does anyone know how to check if a photo is fake? Do you know what to use etc?

  • Use a reverse image search site i.e like Google, Yandex, Bing, TinEye.


6.  Do you think Fetish as a site does a lot to help with scammers and fakes, if you find any?


7.  What can you do to help rid of theses scammers on the site?

  • Report the profile
  • Block them if you've been chatting to them
  • Go to a moderator for help if unsure what to do.


8.  Have you yourself or have you known anyone be a victim of a scammer?


9.  Do you think Fetish can improve with how they deal with scammers?

  • Facecheck all new profiles that sign up
  • Need better modding on photos of celebrities and or models etc that come through
  • System should be in place that if a photo has been used multiple times the system should ping and flag them


10.  Can you think of the usual line of work romance scammers will use?

  • They’ll often say they’re living or traveling outside of the United States.
  • Working on an oil rig
  • In the military
  • A doctor with an international organization


11.  What will a romance scammer usually ask for?

  • Pay for a plane ticket or other travel expenses
  • Pay for surgery or other medical expenses
  • Pay customs fees to retrieve something
  • Pay off gambling debts
  • Pay for a visa or other official travel documents


12.  What ways will a scammer ask how you pay them?

  • By wiring *** on to a prepay card or gift cards from vendors like Amazon, Google Play, iTunes
  • Some will give you bank details to pay in to


13.    Any final thoughts or questions


Thank you to all who attended the Quarantine Munch and to our wonderful host @Shenna



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