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Don’t get cheeky


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Sir comes home from work, bags are set down and he leans down to kiss Mistress hello from where she’s sitting on the couch. She lifts her cheek to accept it, not looking up from her magazine, a big smirk hidden behind the pages when he turns to the noises in the kitchen. The show was about to begin and he didn’t even know it.

“Mmm and how’s my kitten doing today I wonder” he croons into my ear, the ticklish sensation making me giggle and accidentally splash water from the dishes I was doing.
Turning in his arms I grin, it was a trick non-question, he wasn’t going to get me with it this time.

“What did you do all day today precious”

“Lessons with Mistress, journaling, cleaning, dinner, and the dishes....Sir”

“Mm is that all?”
“I also learned a cool trick! Look! You hold your arms out all twisted together like this. Turn the wrists, and boom arms are back to normal”

He tilts his head and the confusing contortions “show me again?”
I show him the illusion two more times and even show him how to successfully do it too.

“Oh oh! And there’s this other one where you go like this” I put my hands up in the air, he follows along “and then like this” i put my hands together one on top of the other (still above my head) and he copies the motion.
“and then...like this” and with a smirk I push the joined hands above his head to the wall behind him, my other hand on his hip to keep him from falling too fast against the wall. Our hips close together, faces almost touching.

He raises an eyebrow and looks down at me in shock at the audacity, and for the life of me I can’t stop giggling.

“I see...and what will the little beastie do now that it has me here hmm?” Oop, he called me beastie I’m in danger lol.

“Hehe to be honest I didn’t think I’d get this far aaannnd now I’m kinda scared to let go”

“Hmm better not dig yourself any deeper then and let me go don’t you think?”

“Eeehhh you know I quite like it here, it’s comfy, and the power high is really something”



“amusing you think there’s anything keeping me here but my own will...and the curiosity at how much you trouble you plan to get into.”

“Trouble? No trouble here Sir”

“You have til the count of three”

“I think I can change your mind”


“..is the loneliest number that you’ll ever doooo” I press my body close against his. Pressing harder on his hands and inserting my thigh between his legs. Half straddling him.

“T-two-fuck” I’m nipping and sucking kisses at his jaw line, my free hand lightly scratching from the small of his back towards his shoulders. My thigh pressing against his cock.

“Beastie, OFF”

I hum deep in thought, my free hand no longer scratching back, and making it’s way down his chest towards the bulge in his pants.
“THREE” with a growl he pushes off the wall and picks me up with a surprised yelp.

Suddenly im against the wall, cloth covered cock straining against his pants and pressed hard against my pussy. And my Dom, heated, with fire in his eyes pressing his forehead against mine. Whispering

“You’re going to be nothing but a dirty bruise by the time I’m through with you today beastie. Do you understand?”

“Um..um... NOODLE!”

Immediately I let my limbs go limp like noodles and slip through his arms. Scrambling on the ground to get away, slapping his butt on my way up.

In the living room Mistress laughs out loud at the roar in the kitchen and the screech that followed.

I skid out of the kitchen, pass by her and yell “You said it would be funny!” before disappearing into the hallway
“Darlin it’s hilarious! RUN!” 😂


He marches into the room I ran to, but it’s empty.
At least it seems that way. He takes a deep breath “come out, come out wherever you are”
From beneath the bed I can hear his foot steps stalking around the room while looking for me.
“Darlin you’re only making this worse on yourself you know”
I bite my lip, heart pounding in my chest as I debate whether to come out or not when
“GOTCHA!” With a scream I’m dragged out from under the bed by my ankle.

“Sneaky, underhanded, naughty beast whatever shall I do with you?”
“Kiss me on the forehead and send me on my way?”
“Oh I think not, there’s better uses for the smartass mouth of yours. But first, let’s do something about that attitude”
I’m thrown on the bed and dragged back down towards the foot of the bed when I try to crawl away. “NON, S’il vous plait monsieur I’ll be good, I won’t do it again. I was just funnin you I swear.

“OH I KNOW” he says while man-handling me facedown on my knees and pulling my pants down as far as they’ll go “I know you’ll be good. So good you’re going to take your punishment without a SINGLE complaint right?” My face is pressed into the mattress. I quietly whine, I hate the silent punishment the most. Not being allowed to scream or move away no matter what happened was the worst.
Still I nodded. I needed to be forgiven for liberties I took and the disrespect I had shown.

He placed firm grip at the back of my neck, more comforting than it had any right to be, squeezed once and “Deep breath beastie”

I closed my eyes against the sheets, my ass and bare pussy exposed to the cool air, and took a deep breath. The smell of both my Sir and Mistress filled my senses, and then the world turned bright hot white as the first hit landed and all breath left my lungs.
The second hit came in the middle of my next breath, and i almost ***d on it.
A pause as I took two deep breaths. Sir’s hand never leaving the back of my neck. Another long squeeze and I knew the warm up was over. Hits 3-7 passed by in a blur, my senses already foggy and focused only on fire from the *** and the comfort around my neck.

Although I was conscious the entire time it felt like I was waking up several minutes later.
The heat in my veins felt like Lava dripping all the way down to my ankles as his large hands slapped brightly colored memories into my skin. A particularly nasty slap finally ripped a squeal out of me, and Sir only chuckled. Gripping my ass after two more hits and lightly massaging and running his nails across the raw skin in what could almost pass as tenderness if you didn’t know any better.

I’m laid down on my side, and there’s fingers sliding through my hair. “Mmmmm so precious like this. Empty thoughts, feeling floaty, and ready to be molded into whatever I please aren’t you Kitten?”

Oh thank god, I’m Kitten again. I can barely nod but I do, grateful that the worst is over.

“But I do believe that mouth of yours still has some learning to do” Distantly I can feel myself flinch at the sound of a belt buckle, but in reality it looked like no more than a fluttering blink.
Warmth is pressed against my mouth, then tapping heavy against my lips. My mouth is opened as he pushes his cock in. The taste, the heaviness, the soft skin and hard muscle, all of it a god sent comfort in my haze. I suck on instinct, wanting nothing more than to please, to be used, to be good. I can feel a wetness beginning to pool between my thighs the more Sir fucks into my mouth.
I can feel myself becoming more conscious with every thrust that hits the back of my throat. I reach up to massage his balls and run my nails down his inner thighs the way he likes.
“Fuck” he pulls out of my mouth and drags my legs towards him before spreading them open. Exposing my shiny wet pussy to him. His cock taps against my clit. Once, twice, he’s not stopping. My hips start to stutter and i struggle not to move, this is still my punishment. Thigh muscles straining the harder he slaps his cock against my clit and runs the head up and down my slit. Teasing my entrance and starting the whole thing over again. I want to squirm, I want to beg and thrash and demand that he fuck me. But oohh I lost the privilege to be heard, the power to make demands or requests. No, now I have to take what I’m given and be grateful for every wave of ***, pleasure, and attention.
But my Dom is a visual man, when I cannot speak, and cannot move the only power I have left is....

“Fuuuck” he stops his teasing, mesmerized by the small river of wetness dripping from my throbbing cunt as my pussy squeezes down on nothing. Over and over, undulating and promising a tight wet sheath for his cock.

A sudden slap to the face sends me half back into the floaty head space. Fingers grip my hair and pull my head back.

“Manipulative little bitch, you want Daddy’s cock so badly? Then TAKE IT” he growls as he carves his way inside me. I gasp for breath and grab at his arms. The sudden fullness damn near too much
It’s perfect.

He fucks me like a man possessed and
every “Please” and every “fuck me” and “harder” “GOD” “FUCK” is trapped behind my teeth as I bite down harder on my lips. Determined to be good, to behave, to not move, squirm, or complain.
Eventually he takes pity, lifts my hips and jack hammers into that spot. That odd spot that sends deep waves of hot cold across my body. Tingles at the base of my spine tell me I’m going to cum. Am i allowed to cum? I’m not even allowed to ask. What do I do? Fuck it’s coming I have to stop it but I can’t move.
My legs start shaking against my will, knuckles white from gripping the bed sheets and trying not to fall apart on Sir’s cock. Overwhelmed tears streaming down my face as I feel my pussy begin fluttering on his cock. He can feel it too because he suddenly pulls out and I have only a second to feel bereft before he growls that “naughty kittens don’t get to cum on Daddy’s cock. Their empty cunts cum on command if they want to be forgiven” and he slaps his hand down over my entire pussy and my clit, I scream in pleasure and *** as he turns my body into a live wire.
“You” SLAP “Don’t” SLAP “get to” SLAP “cum yet” SLAP
I’m hysterical, not even aware of the noises coming out of my mouth at this point. Entire body shaking, legs squirming, just enough mental power to keep my hips firmly glued to the mattress.

He picks me up, turns me so my back is against his chest and he slides back inside. Hand against my neck
“You’re almost there kitten. You’re doing so well.” He pumps harder against that spot, my entire world narrowed to the parts where we touch and to the fire in my ***. He uses me like a fuck doll and finally..finally he cums inside. Biting down on my shoulder I hear a growled command “CUM” and a final slap to my clit sends me over the edge with a scream. He fucks me through it all and my pussy milks every last bit of cum out of him. Before we collapse on the mattress. Wet, exhausted, and breathing hard.

Minutes pass by, and I feel a cloth wiping me clean. Moments later I can feel my face being caressed and a whisper somewhere says “you did so good baby. So fucking good. I’ve never been more proud.” I can only whimper and shove my face into his chest.
Fingers slowly running up and down my back. A blanket thrown over my cooling skin. The room is darker, when did that happen?
I’m squished between Sir and Mistress. Forehead kisses and massages to different limbs, not sure who’s doing what but floating on the sensation of pride and gentleness. Carefully being put back together.
The crack of a water bottle opening reaches my ears shortly before the cold water is put against my mouth for a drink.
Their whispers and caresses lull me to sleep.
In the morning I’ll help Mistress bathe Daddy and thank him for all he’s done.

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