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**TW** Party at the Manor house. Part one.


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**Trigger Warning** - Reason - Knife play


Her best friend had said, "go on it will be fun," as the climbed into the back of the limo, "wear your party dress", she could feel her dress ride up making feel uncomfortable as a man with a beaming smile was in there watching and obviously getting a good view of her legs as she sat next to him, he turned slightly to her and smiled even more," hi, I'm Mike, don't be nervous, you'll have a great time, what's your name"  "Sue" was her reply,  as her friend squashed in next to her, also showing off her legs, and finally  getting in Maxine's  friend who she met at the last party, he seemed nice enough, with his bushy beard.

The words of her friend kept running around her head, "go on it will be fun" and "wear your party dress" , thinking she should have worn something longer, suddenly Mike puts his hand on her exposed thigh, push his hand up to her panties, " ah" he said " you won't be needing these" pulls a knife out and grabs her pantie elastic slicing through it , she could feel them just go all loose, and she could hear her friend Maxine, giggle, "right" Mike says " let have some bubbly" Maxine says " yeah about time" turning to Sue, Maxine says " let's get drunk" shoving a glass of bubble into Sue's hand.

Sue's head was kind of spinning, everything was happening so fast, Mike was feeling the material of Sue's dress, " nice dress , I don't suppose you'll be wearing that for long" laughing as he did." right put this on", a blindfold, both girls had to do do so, Maxine explained that it's so they don't know where they are going, not that Sue had been paying attention to that, she sipped at her drink as her mouth had gone dry, all she could think is what had Maxine got her into.

The car slowed and turned,  stopped momentarily, then she could hear gravel as they drove on, Sue was thinking omg what's going to happen, Mike says" drink up we are here" so she glugs back her drink, the glass is taken from her, She feels Maxine move away, then someone takes her hand and guide's her out into the cool night air, she feel her panties just fall away.


To be continued



Very good Sir . I look forward to reading part 2 


It will be interesting to know what comes next.  I like the build up.  Good luck with this Wilkie👌


The manor house, part two.

As they are led away from the car Maxine is giggling and saying" it's ok Sue, they take the blindfold of in a minute, she then hears someone, probably Mike say " right mind the steps, three of them, " he grips her tight around her waist as she steps up, " that's it "  as she gets to the last step, his strong grip eases, wow she's thinking, he feels muscly.

Now she hears what must be doors open, "ah welcome ladies" as they are led inside, " may I have your hand bags and phones, " Sue was about to protest when Maxine pipes up" it ok Sue, they look after it" they are taken, Sue feels ***, no bag, no phone, can't see, the the blindfold are taken off, a marble hall way, grand staircase," this way ladies, they follow , as they do Sue looks back and Mike and Maxines friend are standing chatting at the door, as they move on to a large room , music, people , drinks, and food layed out on tables around the edge, "wow" Sue says, there are waitress and waiters wondering around with drinks trays, as Sue is trying to take it all in, they are guided into a side room and told to get undressed, "what"Sue exclaimed, "it ok, we are waitress's for the night, we get paid later, " they are handed shoes , short black skirt, and a white blouse, Maxine is soon naked and pulling the skirt on," come on Sue, hurry"so Sue just does it, drop's her dress pulls on the skirt and then the blouse, looking at Maxine, notices the top is slightly see through, " right " said Maxine," let's go.

More later,


As they prepare to go out they are given a badge with a number on, 26 for Maxine and 27 for Sue, "what's this for " Sue says, Maxine explains, "it's so guests can give points, if you do a good job the more points you get the more you will be payed" "oh I see, but we are nearly naked and only serving drinks, ain't we" , Maxine laughs, " well if you flash your butt someone will give you more points, and if you allow them to have a feel then more points, but you can say no and they have to stop, but then you won't gets as many points, look just follow me and do as I do"

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