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Christmas Party


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It was the first time I was hosting my annual Christmas Party at my house since COVID. Friends, family, neighbors and Co-workers were invited.


I had been prepping all week.


Sara was coming too. We had been talking for a few weeks. We had 1 date. Shared a kiss on the front steps of her house. She had texted and asked to come early and help. I said sure.


I had just gotten out of the shower around 5, when I heard the doorbell. I looked out the window to see a car in the driveway. Wrapped in a towel, I hoped the front door to see Sara. 


She looked incredible.  I just stared. Long white coat, and underneath a red dress with white tubing.

Dress was short and form fitting, showing off her soft curves.

Perfectly dressed.

The  old air hit my skin and I snapped out of it.


Too early?

No you're perfect..... perfectly on time. Come in.


Sara was holding a bakery box. Let's put that in the kitchen, I said. 


Ok... I'm going to get dressed. 


As soon as I was in my room Sara was at the top of the stairs, standing in the doorway.


Coats? Where should we put them?


Guest bedroom. Top of stairs.


She stood there for a minute watching me.


Need anything else?


Yeah.. um... no.


Ok. Go open a bottle and I will be down in a few.


Ok... she lingered and slowly turned away and headed back downstairs.


Sara was perfection all night. Helping me with everything from food and drinks to make sure everyone was having a great time.


She was on my arm all night. She would refill.my bourbon as I needed it. Not with the stuff I put out for everyone, but with the high end stuff from my collection. 


At the end of the night, she was the last person there. 


Your coat? 


Yeah, upstairs. 


We walked to the top of the stairs,  she went to turn towards the guest bedroom, I grabbed her hand and led her into my bedroom. 


I kissed her. Pulled her in tight. Inhaled everything about her.


She.looked at me with a devilish smile.


I whispered in her ear, get on your knees.


She.looked a little surprised,  but dropped to her knees.


I pulled out my  cock and fed it to her.


I unzipped her dress.


She was in her bra, panties and heels sucking on me.


She looked up at me with my cock in her mouth. I wanted this so much, she said.


I laid her on the bed and pulled down her panties.

Heels and bra still on.


I undressed myself while she watched and rubbed her clit.


I rushed  forward and buried my face between her thighs.  I licked, and sucked, and worked my mouth and tongue all over her pussy. 


She came hard and screamed out.


I kept going.


She screamed and came again.


Slow down she moaned. Slow down. Slow down.


She screamed again and squirted on my face as she came. She yelled as her body convulsed. 


I moved back as her body shuttered and she panted. 


I laid next to her and stroked my cock. 


She got on top of me. Slowly grinding. 

My hands on her hips and ass. Making her feel every inch of me deep inside her.


I pulled her tits out of the cups of her bra, leaving her bra on.


I grabbed and squeezed her big perky tits.


She started to bounce. 


Building up more and more as I played with her tits and nipples.


I'm going to cum she moaned.


Do it.


She came again riding me. She moaned out while her tits bounced against my hands and I squeezed her throat.


I sat up and laid her on her back.


Both hands around her throat, holding her down and squeezing firmly.


I pumped her.


Look at me.


She held her stare in my eyes.


I pumped faster and harder.


I was right on the edge as I thrusted deeper inside her.


Her eyes got wide as I went over the edge and my cock swelled and exploded inside her.


I moaned as I filled her pussy with my cum.


As I recovered, still.inside her, I leaned forward and sucked on her nipples, making her body shutter.


I kissed her and said, Thank you.

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