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Kink on the go help!


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Hello kinksters.
A little BG the wifey and I due to life have ended back up in with parents 🤦🏽‍♂️ we’ve decided to embrace it and are building a
Studio apartment in their basement that will have a play room and built ins, but in the mean time it’s a lot of planned play at hotels or Airbnb to get a bit of privacy.

One thing we’ve noticed is that these types of places seem to go out of their way to prevent fun.lol. There tend not to be any or very few places you can tie things to and the support is questionable at best! I have picked up some heavy magnets with u- hooks, but the door frames in hotels are so thin if she gets to “excited”she pulls the magnet right off the door 😳😆 not enough width for support. So has anyone had any luck with rigging temporary play anchors how? What did you use?

Thanks for any advice in advance!


I would think in Ybor you could tie her to anything on a sidewalk and no one would bat an eye. But I'm thinking the best solution is no anchor at all. Cuffs and spreader bar, bondage tape, single bar prison....the list could go on. I'd suggest you ask @Liam52 to teach you how to do a frog tie...


I've found screw in brass rings very handy as can be used for under table, door frame, wardrobe, etc. anchor points, and can then be removed leaving only a small hole.


yeah - hotels and airbnbs are extremely limiting - things like underbed restraints (which are often not great) or anything free standing like spreaders etc. is about your best bet if you try this route.

But, for me - if your kink is difficult to do in hotels etc - it might be better hiring somewhere more suitable.   An obvious choice would be a local dungeon.  But you might also have luck if you can hire warehouse or studio space.


Try g-clamps that can be tightened into place over door frames giving you better anchor points and can be released without causing any damage

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I used to frequent a hotel for Work years ago.
My GF at the time would come stay a night or 2. In 3 of the jacuzzi suites I had installed 3/8" x 2 " lag hitch rings on the wall at the head of the bed , 5/16 lag eye bolts right in the corner where a ceiling and wall meet, if predrilled the lag eyes can be easily removed and the hoke is filled with toothpaste or toilet paper machetes.
Hotels have rolling cots for when guests have a unexpected Friend stay with them.
No charge to have the single cot brought to the room to use for playtime. Exposed metal framing, great for bondage, or to just keep the sleeping bed less wet.
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