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**TW** A trip to the theatre

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**Trigger Warning** - Reason: Knife Play


Warnings, 4k words so maybe a bit long for most, otherwise hypnotism and impact play. Also apologies of any cheesy names choices.
A trip to the theatre.  
Paris France, c1800
Celine was happy to be out of the house, she couldn't stand the stuffy nature of it. She much preferred living in the country riding her horses over her father's land and visiting the villages in it but it was once again the theatre season and her mum had insisted on returning to Paris.  
Today though she has escaped that prison where she had to endure months with little more than her ***ing brothers to keep her company. Not that any of them knew what she had done yet, very unlady-like she knew but she had jumped over the wall surrounding  the garden. Initially she had to be secretive, moving from one small ally to another so as not to be spotted by any of her parents friends knowing that we she spotted she would likely be escorted back home. Now however she was out of her neighbourhood and could relax, enjoying to boulevards, the last flowers of summer still hanging onto the trees. The smells and sounds excited her. So many people bustling around, selling anything you could imagine. She picked up a brioche from one of the vendors, who seemed to eye her up briefly and continued on her way.  Past the theatres her parents enjoyed and the university her brother attended she drifted into one of the cities many to the entertainment district. This would not be a place to be at night, she knew that but at this time in the morning she felt safe enough. The street was packed with activity, the theatres here we not the ones her parents visited. They were full of performers instead of actors, jugglers, knife throwers, fire breathers and hawkers yelling of their feats on the street.  She had seen many of these before but only when they visited the villages around her father's country house. Never in the city, her parents wouldn't want to be seen here and she would never be allowed out without them.
A shiver rushed down her spine, she felt like she was being watched. Turning quickly she saw a pair of piercing blue eyes staring directly at her but she calmed down. They we hanging on the front of one of one of the theatres, 20 ft wide and advertising the great wizard Zaladin. Wizard she scoffed, magician really and probably little more than cheap tricks but those eyes still seemed to pierce her. She crossed the street, taking one last look at those eyes before walking in. They still seemed to follow her, now staring down at her as she walked below, crystal blue eyes. She passed the two shillings to the young but muscled vendor behind the glass. He would do well on one of her father's farms she thought and did he have blue eyes?  
The theatre was full of smoke, lit the lime light at the front of the stage and candelabra's around the wall. She was surprised how full the room was with only a scattering of spare seats. She found a space only one seat off the isle. The chairs themselves weren't bad, not like the other theatre's she normally visited in the city but much better than the travelling fairs she was used to watching this type of performance on.  
Almost the moment she sat down the curtain began to raise revealing a sole figure standing in the centre of the stage. Tall, well dressed with a shot of grey running through his beard and those piercing blue eyes that had drawn he into the theatre. His voice now drifting across the now silent room.  
The show was mesmerizing, one trick after another with other performers or the audience going on to assist. At one point they even brought out an all black lion, something which she had never seen before.   
Once again the magicians voiced drifted over the room "and for our final feat of magic we will make a member of the of you disappear". A number of hands instantly shot into the air and Celine could see the audience was as captivated as she was. The magician leap over the lime lights and onto the floor and started walking through the room.  
"This is not a trick that can be performed with just anyone. It will require someone who really believes in magic" His eyes roamed over the crowd as he walked the isles before coming to a stop in the isle next to Celine. "Would that be you I wonder?" he said looking directly at her. Those blue eyes were mesmerizing. Before she realised it she'd stood up, taken his out stretched hand and we being lead back to the stage. She was shocked, why had she stood up, she would never normally volunteer for this type of thing, but then had she really done so or had he picked her? She was guided to the middle of the stage staring at him the whole time. A slight shiver ran through her body to which he lent in close and whispered "Don't be scared, this is going to be fun"  She couldn't see the audience as he eye never left his but could hear their whispers. She felt his fingers gently almost accidently brush against her body as he spoke to the crowd The words were lost to her. A large silver ring appeared in his hand, he raised it over her head then lowered it to the floor around her feet, she felt her whole body tingle as it passed over her. Again he raised it over her head and then lowered it to the floor, his eye's never leaving hers and a rush of excitement running through her as the ring passed. For a second her mind flashed back to her "boyfriend", not that he could ever be considered as such really as he was one of her father's many farm workers but they had spent the summer together steeling moments kisses and one afternoon she'd let him be her first. The rush of pleasure that afternoon seemed to be replicated in the ring running around her body. Once more he raised the ring but this time without her realising there was material attached to it hiding her from the crowd. The rush of pleasure wrapped around her again. Then once again the ring lowered so she could see those blue eyes focused on her. She felt herself twitch, briefly wondering what it would be like if her first time had been with him instead. The ring raised once again hiding her from the crowd, the same rush of pleasure again coursing through her body. This needs to stop she thought, she didn't think she could stand that ring passing over her again, not without forcing her to moan out loud.  Wind rushing past her, her hair in her face, falling she was falling and now sliding. She heard the gasp from the audience as she disappeared.   
It was pitch black but Celine could feel the soft cushions that had broken her slide. She was almost happy to be away from him, she seemed to have her own mind back though there was a considerable ache in her loins. She heard a match strike, a candle we being lit. A figure was holing it but she could see who it was. Trying to stand she wacked her head against something hard and fell back onto the cushions. "Be still, Master Zaladin will be down shorlty" The figure moved around lighting one candle from the next till the room became clear. It slowly dawned on her that there were iron bars over her head and one ether side. Comfortable as she maybe she was certainly in a cage. The door opened and the performers began strolling in. She didn't know what to say or do, they weren't paying any attention to her, only putting the props aside and chatting to each other. What was she supposed to say anyway? Master Zaladin walked in, ring still in hand. A girls voice drifted down from above. "You are very lucky, Master Zaladin hasn't performed that trick since Jeannine joined us 6 months back". The girl above her sitting on her cage casually nodded to one of the girls who as stripping out of her costume while casually chatting to the figure who had lit the candles. She recognised him now, he was the vendor she had bought her ticket from. Master Zaladin walked across the room.  "I'm sorry we normally use one of the ***s for this trick, hence the cage". He pulled a key from his jacket unlocked the cage and swung open the door.  Casually, almost because it was still in his hand he held the ring over the exit. "You can come out now". Tentatively she crawled forward to the exit. The ring seemed to shine in the semi darkness. She was furious at being treated this way but also embarrassed at being watched crawling across the floor by complete strangers. She put her arm through the ring and onto the floor but was shocked as the ring seemed to be working as before. The pleasure rose up her arm over her head, sweeping over her breast and entering her pussy. Struggling against it she pushed another arm through the ring, her fingers felt wet like they weren't on the floor in front of her but instead buried inside her pussy. How could this be happening, what was happening. Her head emerged from the cage and through the ring. The pleasure seemed to double, swirling around her head before coursing down her spin over her ass and into her pussy. She could barely focus on anything but herself but the room seemed to have going quiet as all eye watched her. Forcing her chest through spikes of pleasure shot through her nipples forcing her to moan. She half wanted to crawl back into the cage half of her never wanted this to stop. The ring passed around her stomach, the pleasure in her pussy now pulsing, shock waves running up and down her spin. All the thoughts or feeling she'd ever had about sex screamed in her mind. How much fun she had playing with herself, how much fun she'd had on her first time. Celine could almost feel his cock back inside her opening her up as she crawled along the floor. The ring was now around her waist, it was like diving into water the pleasure catching her clit first before rushing up and down her pussy lips and inside her. She couldn't stop herself any longer the pleasure was to great, the thought of all the eyes in the room on her, the piercing blue eyes of Master Zaladin staring down at her just as they had on the front of the building as she walked in. Her hips began twitching, she could feel her juices running down her leg. Moaning into the floor while hiding under her hair she began to cum. She'd never had an orgasm like it, she could feel her juices running down bother her legs, images of pleasure flashed through her brain. Not her memories, not even thoughts she had enjoyed previously. It was almost like the ring was feeding thoughts directly into her brain, flashes of being watched not by this small number here but the entire audience above. Flashes of pleasure mixed with ***, of being flogged, of being tied up, of hands running over every inch of flesh and deep inside her. Dragging herself forward she felt the pleasure pass over her pussy and down her legs, still strong but not enough to *** her over the edge again till finally she was free 'but free from what' she thought, which seemed to caused her pussy to twitch again.  
"We done, I told you it was going to be fun".
 "Now stand up!" his voice had changed, no longer softly floating through the air but with and edge of steel to it and her legs responded of their own.
Standing now but with her head down so her hair covered her blushing face, she could feel the Master next to her.
He brushed the hair from her face.
"hands behind your back"  
Again without thinking her arms moved around behind her. No she thought, she wasn't just going to do what this man said. She tried to bring her hands back in front but although she could feel the muscles flexing the arms refused to budge.
"You are such a pretty girl and I do like how you want to fight"
A flash of light caught her eye. There was something new in his hand, a knife she realised as he brought it up.
"There will be time later for you to show me how much you like to fight but now it's time for you to show me the rest of you."
The *** began to rise in her, why couldn't she move, what was he going to do with her. The knife blade slipped down her front against her skin. The cold of the blade bringing goose bumps to her skin and forcing her nipples erect. The blade twisted and started sliding down, cutting though her clothes as if they weren't even there. She felt the cool rush of air on her chest, her breast coming free as the knife sliced her bra in two, the air move around her waist as the knife slipped lower till finally her dress slid from her shoulders and lay in a pool around her on the floor. With a flick of his wrist almost too fast to see the straps on her bra we cut and that lay on the floor with her dress. The only thing she remained in was the knickers she had soaked only moments before.  
"Very nice. What lovely nipples you have" as the blade gently scratched under one of them. Then using the flat point of the knife he caught her nipple with the tip and ***d it up. Her nipple seemed to pulse in pleasure as the tip dug in ever so slightly.  
"I think you're going to like it here" he said.  
"James, how about you take her and show her what we enjoy here"
roughly she felt a pair of hands grab hers and begin tying them together. The tail rope brushed between her legs before being brought up in front of her and she could see it being held by the young vendor who had the same blue eyes of the Master. Razing his hand she felt the rope slide up between her legs till it was hard up against her pussy forcing her onto tip toes. She could feel again how wet her knickers were and flushed with embarrassment remembering she had cum only moments ago on her knees for all to watch.
"And take this, she seemed to enjoy it" as he handed James the knife.
A quick tug on the rope had her following him to the door.
"I think I'll go too" chirped the girl who'd been sitting on her cage as she hopped down and followed them, grabbing something Celine didn't have time to see, off the wall as they left the room.
The corridor was lit candles on the walls the floor packed mud. She must be underground, under the theatre or maybe even the street. The rope tying her wrists and feeding between her legs would have chaffed her pussy had her knickers not been so wet. As it was with every step it pressed against her pussy making it hard for her to focus, a ache still residing there. The girl behind giggling and talking to herself in her high clipped tones. They arrived at a door and after it was unlocked Celine was lead inside. The floor was no longer packed mud but paved slabs. A low bed against pushed against one wall and looped metal fixings on the opposite. Jason lead her over to the fixings and with a flick of his wrist propelled her forward before standing behind her. He pinned her facing the wall with one firm hand on her back. He untied her wrists before tying each hand to the fixings on the wall.
"Pleasure and ***, is what we like here" the girl eagerly chirped "Pleasure, *** and performing"
After securely fixing her wrists to the wall Jason once again pinned her to the wall with one hand. She could feel her still hard nipples against the rough surface. The cold feel of the blade slipped under her knickers and against her ass before twisting and slicing them away.
"Today we will be teaching you pleasure" the girl once again chirped.
A rough hand was ***d up between her legs, the back of Jason's thumb pushing up against her pussy. She could feel his hand getting wet with her juices as he started to rock it back and forth. His other hand brought the knife to her throat, not the blade but the edge this time. She could feel it's sharp edge pressing in. Not hard enough to cut but close. She felt her body freeze in ***, all except her pussy that was which seemed to have a mind of its own. She felt Jason slip his thumb between her lips and into her pussy releasing yet more of her juice onto his hand. The pleasure again leapt through her as a moan escaped her lips. The side of his finger was rubbing against her clit. She had never felt anything so strong between her legs and with his thumb swirling around inside her she was being driven to the edge again. Why did it feel so good she thought, ***d into what appeared to be a dungeon against her will.
As if reading her mind the girl added "Master is very good at picking one of us out of a crowd, it's like he can see into our darkest desires" 'One of us' Celine thought, what does that mean?  
Her legs began to melt forcing her to lean into the wall. Feeling Jason pressing his body against hers. And his cock was out Celine realised, the other girl must have undone his trousers. She could feel it rubbing between her ass cheeks as he pressed against her, thrusting forward. It felt huge, much larger that the boy she had used in the summer and he wasn't even fully hard yet. He appeared to be teasing himself as much as he was with her, enjoying the feel of his cock get fatter as he rubbed himself with his now soaking hand. Twisting his hips and directing himself with his hand he fed the head of his cock inside her. She could feel him inside her, not hard like that boy had been but still stretching her far more than she ever had been. The moaning from he was no longer intermittent but continuous, rising and ebbing with every thrust, every pulse of his cock inside her. A sudden crack sounded out and with a grunt Jason slammed up against her driving her into the wall. His cock leapt inside her getting instantly hard forcing her pussy open. Instead of slipping inside and moulding it's self to her pussy it was now driving her pussy open with every thrust. Twisting her head to the side she could see the other girl now standing with a long bull whip in her hand. Twisting it back and forth with a wicked grin across her lips.  
"Jason does enjoy that doesn't he" as he continued to pump his cock in and out of her. She melted inside, his cock was so hard now. She could feel her juices once again running down her leg. Another crack, another drive of his body against hers, another groan from him and another leap of his cock inside her. It felt amazing, she couldn't believe it, she could feel her pussy squeezing him as much as it could but only being ***d open again. She heard the knife clatter against the floor as he dropped it and grabbed her hips with both hands. Another crack, another leap of his cock as he held her against him. His hand on her hips, nails digging into her soft flesh. She could take it anymore, her legs quivering she began to cum. Her pussy was squeezing as hard as it could but still no match for his cock, it was driving her insane. Another crack but this time the tail of the whip wrapped around him till it struck her side as well. The *** shot through her but at the same time she felt him drive forward once again this time his cock explode inside her pussy. His cock was like steel driving into her, her pussy filling with his hot cum at every thrust and she kept cuming herself, crying out now as she pushed back onto him. Slowly the earth stopped spinning around her. She felt his cock slip from her pussy and heard their combined cum splash on the floor. His hands slowly relaxed, releasing her hips from his grip he stepped back.
"You looked like you enjoyed that, even when I caught you" the girl said as she gently brushed where the whip had struck. As light as the touch was *** leapt from the mark. Celine couldn't imagine what it had felt like for Jason but on some level he clearly enjoyed it and maybe so had she. Jason untied one hand which fell limply by her side followed by the other. Then grabbing her by the hair he dragged her over to the bed before tossing her onto it. Celine fell limply onto it, happy to be laying down hoping whatever was happening was now over, not sure if she could stand even if she wanted.
"I hope you don't mind but I just can't help myself" the girl said. Opening her eyes Celine could see the girl squatting between her legs. Trying to sit-up Celine was immediately ***d back down by Jason pinning her hands over her head with just one of his.  
"His cum is just so tasty" The girl lent forward and positioned her head between Celine's legs. No Celine though, she must have a rest but as the girls tongue took a long stroke along her still open lips she felt the pleasure start again. "Please" was all Celine could get out before another stroke of the girls tongue silenced her. Then Celine felt her lips be pulled apart as the girls tongue delved inside her. She could feel the girl licking Jason's cum away, pausing every few strokes to swallow what she had gathered. Celine tried to move but the girl ***d her legs apart and she was too exhausted to fight. Then she felt the girls mouth engulf her pussy and begin sucking. Celine could feel the cum being drawn out of her. Her pussy once being driven open my Jason was now being sucked empty by this girl. A moan escaped he lips. She looked up at Jason to see if he had notice only to see those blue eyes staring back at her. No, he hadn't missed a thing. Further back she could see his cock, still as large as it was when he entered her and slick with both of their cum. The memory of that inside her caused her pleasure to spike again and her hips to twitch against the girls face. The girl had finished sucking Jason's cum out of her and was now focused on her clit. Long strokes were pulling the hood back and exposing the sensitive skin beneath. Celine moaned again and watched Jason's cock twitch in appreciation. little flicks of the girls tongue we now focused on the most sensitive part of her body. Never had Celine felt anything like this before. She had played with herself many times, felt the feeling of a man's penis inside of her but no one had every licked her pussy. This was driving her crazy with little rapid waves of pleasure running all over her body. Jason reached down with his free and started squeezing one of her breasts. Celine could feel his rough palm on her nipple, the heat radiating though his hand into her chest. She rose up off the bed pushing her chest harder into his hand. A second hand came up from the girl below and began pinching her other nipple pulling it higher into the air. The *** in one breast the pressure on the other, the girl between her legs sucking now on her clit causing it to swell still further, the sight of the wet twitching cock that had just been inside her, the memory of crawling through the ring and being watched cuming by so many strangers, those piercing blue eyes. It all seemed to flood through her at once and she began to cum again. Writhing around on the bed, as much as she could under Jason's weight of her hands and chest, her legs kicking but being ***d apart by the girl who just didn't seem to want to stop. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her, from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. Subsiding for a second before coming back even stronger, she could feel her pussy juice squirting out of her but the girl only laughed and dove back down engulfing her pussy and swallowing it all. Eventually the waves slowed and the sucking on her pussy became gentle lapping again. The girls head rose from between her legs face cover in glistening cum,
"Now she is ready for the Master". 

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Mmm very hot and sexy. Please continue 

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