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Scene Report: One Weekend, Two Dungeons!! (Spoiler Alert, It Was Worth The Wait)


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Wow---what a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend it was!!!

i--and most of my close friends--are all vaccinated now and the COVID-related news in California is getting better and better. The state is set to "fully re-open" in a few weeks and play parties are starting to happen again!!

i thought i'd take advantage and try to make up for some lost time over this past weekend. Boy howdy, am i glad that i did!!

Saturday i went to Sanctuary LAX---my first time at a dungeon since Jan. 2020. i've been so grateful for my good memories at the dungeon BUT it sure was hard to go without for the past 16 or so months...!!!

The energy at the party was great and the dungeon looked fantastic as always. It was another "Post-COVID" first for me---i invited three of my best girl friends---so it was my first "Girl's Night Out" in well over a year too!!

It was great to be in that atmosphere again. i almost swooned as we entered the first play room and i saw---and smelled---all the beautiful leather, wood and metal bondage furniture. It was also great to see all the smiling, happy people there!! Entrance was limited to only vaccinated people and you could remove your mask once inside.

Everyone was dressed up and the energy was palpable. You know how it is in LA---it's not that people are "unfriendly"---more like, people can be pretty "aloof". Well i think over a year of isolation kicked that habit to the curb. It seemed like people were going out of their way to say hello and to add to the great atmosphere (either by playing, watching, or socializing).

i even got to play---a short scene with my friend @MisterLarsLA. It was brief but a great way to get back in to playing again. It's been almost a full year since i'd been spanked or had a scene. Lars was also obliging enough to give all my girl friends a little "taste" of spanking/impact play, using his hand, floggers, paddle and hairbrush. He also "hooked us up" with what he called "Symbolic Bondage"---fitting us with leather wrist cuffs and looping a large carabiner around a post on the wall in a way where we weren't truly "tethered"---we could easily lift our arms and extract ourselves if for some reason we wanted to run away!! It was a very nice gesture especially since Lars & i had not played before.

As the night wore on i showed my friends my toy bag and let them try anything they wanted to try. Which basically means, it devolved into the four of us in a corner giggling, all taking turns with floggers, crops and paddles!!

i'm so happy that my girl friends---most of whom don't have much (or any!!) experience with attending dungeons or play parties---enjoyed themselves and were very impressed with how friendly everyone was.

"For a community of people that likes to hurt each other, we are pretty friendly, huh?" i joked as we were leaving.




Monday was a Holiday and Lair De Sade was hosting a BBQ Social & Play Party. i knew that the Lair was famous for their holiday bashes, and i definitely did not want to miss this one.

It was a daytime party and i got there mid-afternoon. It was pretty packed and luckily there was still PLENTY of food---i was worried that i arrived too late!!

i got to talk with some friends (and meet a few new ones!) and had an amazing lunch. After lunch i took a tour...walking through all the rooms and reveling in the sights of the different play rooms and furniture.

Lair De Sade was the first dungeon i ever went to, and is what i came to consider as my "home dungeon". i had missed it so much and was almost moved to tears being there again!!

i wasn't sure if i was going to want to play---even though that scene on Saturday was brief, it was "memorable"!!! i was still pretty sore, but after that good meal and a nice chilled glass of Rose, i was feeling much more agreeable to the idea. i caught up with Lars and he strapped me to the metal St Andrews Cross in the room off the side of the kitchen.

Playing in the daytime at the dungeon was another first for me!! It was kind of surreal but cool to see the sunlight streaming through the blinds, and hear the sounds of everyone talking and laughing from the partially open window. It was especially nice when a breeze would come through, and some strains of music from the patio.

i was feeling great after we played and eventually was ready for some dessert!! Wow---a great BBQ lunch, playing, socializing THEN cake & ice cream---i was in BDSM Heaven!!

i didn't want to leave but by around 6pm the party was winding down so i headed home---my shoulders and arms a little red from the sun and my---"cheeks" also a little red from some spanking and flogging!!



The next day, Tuesday, i was checking out fet and saw a few statuses that made my heart sink---Lair De Sade was liquidating it's assets!!! THEN i saw the "official post"---it looks like Lair will be closing.

As the news sunk in, i could feel my sadness and anxiety spike. i know they had a lot of back-rent due and had a go fund me page up...but like everyone, i was really hoping that they could pull something off with the landlords until regular parties could start happening again.

i checked out their online auction/sale and was able to snag a few pieces that i always enjoyed there (a spanking bench and a handmade metal toy hanger). i REALLY wish i had the room to purchase more---i just about had myself fully convinced that it was totally reasonable to ditch all my bedroom furniture and replace it with dungeon furniture. That is, until i realized that most of the larger pieces i had my eye on wouldn't even FIT through my bedroom door!!! LOL!!!

It was quite a whirlwind of a weekend with some incredible highs, and the sad low of hearing the news of the Lair closing. But i realize that new places and groups will be popping up over the next months & years and hopefully in time i will come to have a new "home dungeon". i am so grateful for everything i learned at Lair De Sade...everything i got to experience and witness.

PLUS---next week i will be bringing home my FIRST pieces of dungeon furniture---so that's pretty cool!! At least i will always have a lovely souvenir and reminder of my favorite dungeon.

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