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“From the Eyes of a Predator “

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Gazing off into the distance I see her… like a soft, *** gazelle. Her amazing curves appetize me. She comes closer, we lock eyes. That moment she knew, she was mine…. I patiently wait for the perfect moment to pounce on my prey. She can not escape. Quickly I sink my teeth into her neck, and her body goes limp. Loosens and softens. She submits to my bite. The shockwaves trickling down her body extremities. Her back arches. Her nipples harden. Her cheeks blush. I have her. The delicious taste of her soft creamy skin…. I now can have my meal. I eat every inch down her luscious breasts, down her navel, between her legs, with licks, kisses and tender nibbles. Her body weak to my tongue, leaving a wet trail, forcing moans out her voice like sweet music to my ears…. Her pussy starts dripping sweet nectar down her thighs. I drink. And get *** off her taste. Her flesh delicious. I have her pinned down. *** while sneaking a peak at my rock solid cock, my weapon I’m about to kill her with. She thinks to herself oh fuck….. in irresistible anticipation. I stab her with it in her juicy warm pussyhole. She moans a song like the sweetest song of the ages. Her body flexes and curves and quivers with the shock of my cock. I chew on her beautiful breasts as my cock eats her insides. She cries no, I stop. Her hips quiver and rock side to side not withstanding me pausing. She says no wait……. Keep going…… My meat dagger concrete hard pounding deeper and deeper into her pelvis, into her stomach about to release my precious seed. Her pussy creaming all over my cock inviting me to plant it. I can’t resist and explode into a moat heavenly orgasm inside of her. She’s instantly now in another world, of ecstasy. I got her right where I want her, now she is mine.

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