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Astral sex

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I have had astral sex in the past with my exes, and with some of my friends, had a psychic bond as well..

I joined a vampire coven group on and they like to sexually enslave women, and I like being a astral sex slave to multiple guys in the coven including the owner of the group Master. All are welcome in the group men & women.

I usually have astral sex with one person that I trust but I now also like having astral sex with multiple people that I trust. 


Sorry to sound dumb, but what is ‘asteral sex’?

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@iwilthere's a banner at the bottom of the page that says Follow, either click that or comment..and you'll automatically be notified, unless you've changed that in your notification settings. 

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Astral sex involves astral projection and lucid dreaming. Projecting your consciousness/astral body to another person so you can have sex with them.

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