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New to being a switch


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I am very new to the lifestyle . I like being a Dom because of the power it gives me ...but being a sub warms me from the inside out. I have a sub that I want to dominate....but I don’t really know where to start...HELP PLZ! Lol


Well I’d probably start with the stuff you like as a sub and go from there


Communication is key find out what your sub likes and try it out then once you’re comfortable add your own spice but always ask first


There's 2 good start points

1) Is with yourself

What do you like to do as a Dominant, or think you would like to do as a Dominant - be this in specific 'play' or activities - or - in a general dynamic

2) Is with your sub

Talk to them. What do they like? Either in specific 'play' or activities - or - in a general dynamic?


So. If your sub is like "I like the ideas of x, y and z" - and you don't - this isn't going to work

But if your sub is like "I like a, b and c" - and maybe a is something you already like, b is something you'd try but maybe need more direction or support with - but c is a no no - there's at least a basis to work with.


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For me it’s the poeple if they are mean rough and can take care of me I’ll go into sub space but if they act like a sub I end up being more of a dom. Hope this helps
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