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How edure 2 hr session without getting orgasm in between


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As this is my life's 2nd session i going to have after waiting long for indian goddess. I had first session very recently. Following is the list i m preparing to share with her. Correct it/suggestions welcomed.


Tell me which thing to do which will be remembered forever by me.



1. ***d limits bottom caning by wooden cane to cut my skin (Hands & legs tied very tightly, blindfolded, mouth gaged/shut to avoid noise if any) limit upto *** for *** marks. Followed by Whipping by hunter on back/bottom/legs.


2. Put me on collar & leash, cross-dressing, lipstick on my lips with verbal *** & few slaps.


3. Only Heels worship & i don't deserve to lick feets, kiss commode instead - Head in commode


4. ***d to suck another slave's cock, Lick balls, Face fuck till he cum in my mouth, cum facial. No limits

(spit in my mouth)


5. command me to break egg in my boxers while leaving.





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