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Adult Baby/Diaper Lover Info Wanted


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Looking for  information about  abdl. A guy I like has told me about it. But I haven't gone further due to him Wearing diapers  just want some knowledge etc


Hi in response to your question abdl
Diapers, pasifiers (dummies), baby clothes....
There are huge web sites which are very informative about abdl ....
For smalls, babies there are many play events organised. For tops, bigs, adults there is forums on the websites. Yes i had to look into it, a close friend went shopping with me and knew more about baby stuff than the staff ... Fascinating world and alot of fun ... Look for the abdl community closest to you ... 

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I think that this can range rather widely.  I've seen a lot of different stuff myself, so I think it all comes down to communication and consent.  Work with each other, find out if you can find a mutual understanding and be in the same sort of space, and go for it, or if it can't work, then don't.  

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I agree with JigmeDatse.

I think the kink works different on everyone.
I guess that's the fun of exploring s people inner thoughts and triggers that is connected to this fetish

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