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Desire to wear a nappy / be temporarily treated like an adult baby: WHY THE DESIRE? Advice needed please read below?


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Envisaged Ideal scenario: - For a day, up to a week MAXIMUM:
I would wake in the morning and be put in a nappy (real if it would fit or home-made) by an adult, then dressed with as little input/assistance from myself as possible just like a baby. I would then be put in a chair with wheels, (office chair etc) as a pushchair/stroller etc is obviously not viable or available and wheeled to a table. Next I would be spoon fed breakfast, ideally with my hands lightly restrained so I was unable to "protest" or prevent being spoon fed - As being spoon fed for the first time as an "adult baby" is guaranteed/likely to be embarrassing. (Maybe the potential embarrassment creates a certain aspect of the desire to be treated in such a manner)? Thereafter I would be made to complete toddler like activities only: Colouring, Word-Searches, watch cartoons etc etc while being "supervised" the majority of the time by the adult. (With occasional checks to ascertain if I had messed or wet the nappy) - Again embarrassment factor. Ideally during the time of completing the aforementioned toddler like activities my ability to speak with be removed or reduced so that the adult could talk to me in a baby/toddler like manner while I was unable to respond for example if I was to fart at some stage the adult would then say some like "oh excuse the baba, does the baba have windies" or "whats that smell, better check if baba needs his nappy changed" After a while of the baby/toddler like activities I would be spoon fed a main meal with regular nappy checks and changes as required throughout the day. Note I have a physical disability and depend completely on a Walking Aid for mobility if the Walking Aid was damaged etc. I would be genuinely immobile and be compelled to use a wheelchair or crawl as I rely on the support of the waling aid for mobility, perhaps the certain insecurity worry of potential immobility contributes to the desire to be temporarily treated as outlined above? Or is it an opportunity to temporarily escape the pressures / stresses of everyday life?

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Sounds good, I just need to find some one to do it to me!

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Sounds fun well described and thought out.....gets its regressive to escape stress esp if you have disabling life?!?

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