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Masochists Poem

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Just a grace of your touch 

I want a taste 

I crave it so much 

Mind and body are a waste 

The nights move too fast 

The days torturously slow 

Wanting marks that will last 

Marks no one but you will ever know 

I want to feel that kiss

That harsh but gentle sting 

My mind is a miss 

Except for feelings that you bring

Rid me of all thought 

Keep the pressure all I’m feeling 

How you caress every spot

With your whip and hands sweet healing 

Pleasure so deep cleanses my soul 

Bend me and break me

My body, my mind all yours to control

Please let stars be all I see 

While you build me up once more  

Sweet pains sensation is all that I feel

Pleasure swirling straight to my core

The looks you give, like I’m your last meal

I’ll beg, I’ll plead, I’ll please you for more, more, more...


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