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What are spanks for?

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I can’t figure out why women on here send me spanks. Is it a way of saying hi? Expressing interest? Why would you send a spank instead of a message?


spanks are supposed to be an icebreaker to say hi

I rarely look at mine - I often find it's someone on the other side of the world (presumed spammer) or when I click through find they're already being fake checked or have been booted off the site.  I suspect they've sent max message or some such and are hoping it'll be a prompt to message them

that said, I did get a spank the other day from someone who seems interesting so I used it as an opportunity to say a little hello.  

Spanks are the kinky version of a “wink” on a traditional dating website. They’re meant to notify you that they see what they like on the surface and if you feel the same reach out and see if there’s a connection. Some people are too shy or self conscious to send the first message.
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I've wondered why they're not switched off for basic members, i know it would mean being unable to send them as well but when you can't see who sent it it's pointless, and no, on seeing I've been sent one I don't think "ooo, I'd better pay to see who sent it". Though could make them visible when they were mutual spanks.

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I think it’s nice for people who don’t know what to say. It’s a cute way of letting you know that they are interested.
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