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Tell me your fantasy (Part 5)


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“Tell me your fantasy.”

There was time before the dinner booking. Time to enjoy the beauty kneeling before me. I rose to my feet slowly. Her eyes remained looking at the floor. She was such a good girl. I turned the air conditioning off. It had been nice to see the goosebumps come up on her skin but I did not like to feel the cold on my naked body. But what I had planned next would soon warm me up.

“Get on to the bed. Position three.”

She slowly crawled to the bed to do as she was commanded. She faced the headboard. Perfectly formed so that her back was straight. Her knees were bent. Her ass well presented. We had practiced the positions numerous times. I was happy that she remembered position three this time around. On previous occasions she had either been stubborn to not want to get into the pose or had plain forgotten. Punishment helped her remember. I wondered if this time though she wanted me to do what was planned and so presented herself ready. I know I definitely wanted to do it.

I moved quickly to the bed. I roughly grabbed the back of her neck with my left hand. I forced her head down into the mattress. Her face turned to the right side. I pinned her aggressively down to the mattress. I slapped her ass. She instinctively lifted it as high as she could. Her bum hole and pussy were clear for me to see. I rubbed my right index finger up and down her pussy slowly. I could tell that she was already wet. She moaned softly. I pushed her head further into the mattress.

“I do not allow you to cum. If you cum during this, I will deny you an orgasm for the rest of the night.”

I do not think she liked that instruction. I could sense her body tense below my touch. She was perhaps working towards an orgasm already. My finger continued to work up and down her pussy. I started to work it inside. Her moans got a little deeper. I probed her insides. She was wet. Her arousal was increasing the more I teased her. I withdrew my finger after a few minutes. Her moan turned to a slight huff. I placed my finger by her mouth.

“Suck it.”

She took my finger into her mouth like it was a lollipop. It was a long drawn out suck of my finger right to the base. I knew that she liked the taste. I returned my wet finger to her pussy. She moaned again. I pushed it in and out several times while stroking up and down. She was wet enough.

Ribbed for her pleasure. I always thought that was a line from a film. But that was also the description of the dildo of the strap-on. It was ribbed all of the way down the shaft. She was ready for it. I was more than ready for it. With my right hand I positioned the shaft at her pussy. I rubbed it up and down her lips several times to lubricate it with her own juices. I went slowly. It was still quite a large shaft for her to take, despite us using it before. I had increased the size of it after each use slightly. I had to keep her full and happy. She let out a deep moan of pleasure as it slipped inside of her. It happened every time. Ribbed for her pleasure was no lie.

“Remember what I told you slut.”

“Yes, master.”

She could only just about say that through her deep moans of delight. I slowly started to move the shaft backward and forward. Her moans got deeper and more intense. I could feel the shaft inside of me also moving with that motion. That was the beauty of this strap-on. It also serviced me while fucking her. I bent my head back slightly as I felt it rub against my pussy. My clit was on fire already. I did not think it would be long before I would cum. I increased the speed of my thrusts. They were not violent but the intensity was more. She started panting ‘yes’ now. I moved my right hand to her bum hole. I pushed my index finger inside. She let out an ‘oh God’ at that. I slowly moved my finger in and out at the same time as my thrusts with the strap-on. The yes’s coming from her increased in frequency. They got deeper. The oh’s and um’s started to come next. I increased the speed a bit more. It was certainly doing the job on me. I was starting to lose myself in the heat coming from my pussy. All I could hear from her was yes, oh, um, please in a regular sequence. She was going to struggle not to cum from this. I worked the shaft around. I could feel her tense up. Please became frequent. She was panting deeply.

“Don’t you cum bitch.”

“Please, master. Your slut needs to cum.”

“You are not allowed.”

I pushed her head further down into the mattress. My speed stayed constant. I could see the cover of the mattress scrunching up below her as she gripped it with her hand tightly. That grip increased. She was fighting back the feeling as hard as she could. She wanted to obey. She was trying to obey. I was not sure she would be able to. She was on the brink. Her body was glistening with sweat. Her panting was short and shallow. Her moaning was constant. I was a lot more silent than she was. I had been brought up in a very conservative family. So when I masturbated I had taught myself to always be quiet when I climaxed. Despite my body being filled with a delightful rush of ecstasy I withheld the screams of ‘Yes’. It had never left me. The only sign that she had made me cum would be the tension in my body. Every part of me would spasm and tighten. She was begging me now. I was not going to let her. There would be plenty of opportunity for her to cum over the next few days together. The motion took me over the edge. I felt the orgasm ripple through me like a wave of delicious delight. It felt so good. I slowly milked it. My motion slowed. I heard her mumble in frustration. I placed my right hand on her ass.

She dropped down flat on to the bed. I followed her down to lie on her back. I kissed her softly on the back of her neck. I worked the kisses all of the way across her back. I could taste her sweat mixed with her perfume. She was still moaning below me. I was quite exhausted from the effort. I left the dildo still inside of her but I did not move. She needed to come down from the brink. I brushed her damp hair away from her face with my right hand. She smiled at me.

“Tell me your fantasy.”

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