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Risk It All

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This piece was adapted into song lyrics by a local band, a chorus was added, and they say it became one of their favorites.


You are everything I know I shouldn't have

I know there is a chance it will shatter and break

Always as *** as a candle in the wind

Yet I have to try, if only for my souls sake


Call me foolish, call me reckless, doubt me again

But here I am, all I have, and I will wait for you

Your smile is carved upon this weary heart

To hear you whisper my name will make it come true


I have scorned so many temptations

Taken what was needed, then walked away

Cast feelings aside, cruel in my intent

All in the hope there will be that day


I have to risk it all, there is no longer choice

I am damned already, it won't matter if I fail

For that moment, one touch, upon your cheek

Hear me girl, listen close, I will prevail.



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