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Poker Face

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I have developed the ability to say completely outrageous things while keeping a dead-pan face. It is something I love to do, and has brought some great moments over the years. An adventure up North, pre Covid lockdown, brought me into contact with a young lady who may well be able to give me a run for my ***. While I will never share intimate details of any relationship I have, what follows is a little snippet of the first day that we met.

It got off to a great start, mainly because she didn't run away screaming when we met for the first time in the lobby of my hotel. Within a few minutes things were relaxed, and arm-in-arm we set off to find a coffee shop to chat and break the ice. We had been chatting for a while online, things had become...warm...shall we say, so the coffee meet was a logical step.
It is becoming common knowledge that I smoke cigars, but I like to add a slight twist when meeting a girl for the first time. 

Once coffee was served I reached for my pack of cigars, took one out, and held it out to her.

Me: What I would like you to do is take this to the ladies room, dip the first inch of it into your pussy, and bring it back so I can taste you when I smoke it.

Her; You are joking, right?

Once again I kept a perfectly straight face and simply looked at her while shaking my head "No"

Her: Fucking hell...okay, right, I can't believe I am going to do this but...

She disappeared for a few minutes, then returned with a lovely flush on her cheeks. She held the cigar out with a shaking hand.

Her: I can't believe you asked me to do that, and now I am all twitchy and wet! You bastard! You said this was going to be a nilla meet, just coffee. and now you have deliberately got me turned on. Just you wait!

I will admit she tasted gorgeous, and every time I drew on the cigar she frowned at me and shook her head. I could see in her eyes that she was planning some kind of revenge!
The day slipped easily into evening, and once again we set off arm-in-arm with the plan to visit all the new bars and bistro's that had opened up in the modernised waterfront district.
Several large vodka's and Amoretto's (her choice of drink) we arrived at a busy chic Bistro with the aim of grabbing a snack to help soak up the booze. The hostess found us a table outside (it was a lovely evening) and we settled among the large group of diners/drinkers around us. Another drink had just arrived when she spoke up quite loudly and clearly.

Her: Daddy, I am craving anal.

Her voice had easily carried to the tables around us, and it became obvious that conversations suddenly stopped. I could see the glint in her eye, so once again, keeping a straight face, I answered loudly enough for the others to hear.

Me: But babygirl, the last time you craved anal you couldn't sit down for a week?

There was a twitch of a smile on her face when she answered.

Her: But you were MEAN, Daddy, you held me down and fucked me SOOO hard it made me cry!

By now there was silence at all the tables close to us, and I could feel the glances of the people at them. She took a sip of her drink and continued.

Her: If you promise not to hurt me too much, I will be a good babygirl for you. Will you want to cum in me that way, or can I suck you and take it in my mouth?

Now there were coughs and quiet expletives from the listeners around us, and her eyes were positively gleaming. I took a quick glance around me, and they were ALL waiting for me to answer! I took a sip of my own drink (I will admit I needed it) and answered.

Me: babygirl, if your tight little bottom doesn't milk Daddy then of course you can. you know I love your tongue on me.

She gave a little squeal and clapped her hands before coming round the table to give me a hug. She whispered in my ear that now may be a good time to move on, so, draining our glasses we hastily walked off towards the next bar. She was giggling like crazy as we strolled, and stopped to give me a kiss on the cheek.

Her: That was SO naughty! Can we do it again?"

This girl looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but she is such a bad girl underneath. I adore that! We have another date set for very soon, and I cannot wait to see what THAT brings.

As to her craving? I couldn't possibly comment on that.

Be safe and well out there.

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