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Through A Glass Darkly

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Alice Moore felt like she had always suffered from nightmares. Since she hit the age of six***, most nights had been filled with strange and terrifying images. When she reached her early twenties, these dreams took on erotic undertones that would leave her completely drained and limp in the morning. Now in her early forties, they had reached the state that she was sure they were becoming real. Every day she woke with the feeling of being completely sexually used, even her mouth was sore and felt tender, and she was drifting closer to the edge of sanity each month. Every relationship she had attempted had failed because of the dreams, as her partner at the time disbelieved that her writhing and orgasmic moans were simple nightmares. Last night had been one of the worse. Waking to find *** on her sheets, and her ass ragged and raw, was too much even for her.

The doctor at the clinic had been dubious at first, but, when under examination the physical symptoms could not be denied, he agreed to have her sectioned immediately and admitted for her own safety. She knew they had marked her down as committing self harm, however, she hoped in the enclosed and secure environment of the clinic the truth would be seen, and she would finally get help. Sat in her small room, with two pills in the palm of her hand to help her sleep, at least felt like a step forward. What good it would do still remained to be seen. She took the pills, and settled down in the uncomfortable single bed with her usual dread of the night. Waking the following morning, Alice did her usual“Body Check”to see what condition she had been left in, and, to her amazement and great relief, there was nothing! She felt refreshed for the first time in over twenty years. Perhaps it had been the ***? At her first session with the Psychologist that morning, she actually felt quite cheerful, something that she noted the Doctor opposite to her took great ***s in writing down. She talked about the dreams, and what she could remember about them, which was always next to nothing, and how they made her feel? That was a question she had often asked herself, due to the fact that, some mornings, she woke still feeling extremely horny. This was another thing that the Doctor took their time in jotting down. When the session ended, Alice was told that she had free time until a group meeting just before lunch.

The aptly named“Great Room”was where inmates gathered to sit quietly or partake of a few organised activities. She stood in the doorway of the large space and looked at her fellow residents. A couple of them were sat against the wall rocking quietly, a few seemed to be reading, and yet more were sat at tables playing various board games. Alice thought that she might die of boredom in here before they could fix her. There was a woman of about her own age sat on a worn couch reading a book called Fallen Angel. Alice didn’t recognise the name of the Author, but she figured that she may as well try to talk to someone. Dropping onto the couch got the woman’s attention, and she looked up at Alice with a smile. “Hello there, you are a new face! I am Ruth, its lovely to meet you!” The woman extended her hand, which, after a moment’s hesitation, Alice took. “Hiya there, I’m Alice.” Ruth smiled and nodded, folding the book closed in her lap so she could turn and face Alice fully. “I know we are not really supposed to ask these things, but why have you joined our little community? You don’t look mad, so I’m guessing it is something else?” The question took Alice off guard. One of the first things she had been informed of was the rule that you didn’t enquire why people were here. If they volunteered the information that was different, but you never asked. She gave it a few seconds thought and then shrugged. Why the hell not? “I’m here because, most nights, when I’m asleep, someone or something sexually ***s me.” Ruth’s face went ashen, her mouth opening in shock. She looked at Alice through half-closed eyes, her voice very low. “Are you fucking kidding me? Is this a set-up? That is exactly why I am here too!” The two women stared at each other for several seconds before Alice broke the silence. “No way! I have had this happening to me since I was around six***, and thought I was the only one on earth!” Ruth shook her head, and reached across to take Alice’s hands in hers. “Same here. Six*** is the age I remember it starting for me too, only recently it has just become worse and worse. I don’t know what the hell is in the *** I take each night, but thank god they seem to have stopped them completely. The Doctors now think it was all in my imagination, and I did those things to myself.” She shook her head again. “But I know it was my dreams!” Alice didn’t know if she should be laughing or crying. At last, there was someone who understood and knew what she was talking about. She glanced around the room quickly. “Damn, I need a cup of coffee, do they serve that in here?” Ruth nodded at some large metal urns on a table at the far end of the room. “They do, but its decaf, I’m afraid. They worry that full-leaded coffee will send the loony’s like us over the edge.” The two women laughed as they walked across to get their drinks, weaving between the desks and drawing looks from the other inmates. Being happy in here was a rare thing.

Later in the evening, Alice accepted the invitation from Ruth to go to her room for some“secret treats”. Apparently, she had a visitor who smuggled in chocolate, and even real coffee! They savoured the nectar while munching on Hershey bars, giggling like schoolgirls at the naughtiness of it all. Ruth opened the drawer of her small bedside cabinet and drew out a manilla envelope, very similar to one that Alice had in the drawer in her room. As part of their therapy, it had been encouraged that they walk around their house prior to leaving and take pictures of each of the rooms. These apparently would act as an“Anchor”to the outside world, and give them something to look forward to returning to. Ruth spread her pictures on the bed between them. “You may as well see what my life was like outside of this place, so you will get an idea that I’m not completely mad.” Alice chuckled as Ruth gave her a pictorial walk-around of her house, the anecdotes to each room making her smile. As Ruth showed her the one of her bedroom, Alice put out her hand to stop her moving it away. She leaned down to take a closer look before pointing to an object on Ruth’s dresser. “That mirror. I have one identical to that!” Ruth looked up at her with a frown. “You must be mistaken. That was given to me by my Grandmother when I was a child, and it has been with me ever since.” Alice jumped from the bed and rushed down the corridor to her room. She grabbed her own envelope and ran back, breathlessly tipping the contents onto the bed. She rifled through the pictures until she came to the one of her own bedroom, holding it up for Ruth to see with a look of triumph. “Look, there! I was given that by MY Grandmother when I was younger, too!” Ruth peered at the picture before looking up at Alice. “I’ll be damned! They look exactly the same!” Her face changed from amazement, to one of concern, as she waved the picture at Alice. “What do you think are the odds against two women who don’t know each other, being in the same clinic for the same problems, and having identical fucking mirrors?” Alice stopped smiling when she too thought about how strange that was. She picked up Ruth’s picture and held it alongside her own. Yep, they were exactly the same mirror. She looked at Ruth with a raised eyebrow. “I would say very long odds, honey!” The two women became firm friends during the following two weeks, and, though their respective therapy didn’t reveal anything new, they both felt a great deal better than when they had first arrived. With no dreams to report, and certainly no evidence of self harm, it was decided that both women would be allowed home for the following weekend provided they reported immediately if something were to happen.

Alice gave Ruth a hug at the bus station before heading back home. The normality of the world around her felt so precious after the years of ***. She picked up a few groceries for the weekend, and looked forward to sleeping in her own bed. Her house felt a little cold at first, but, after firing up the boiler and settling with a large cup of her favourite coffee, it all felt reassuringly normal again. It had been a long time since she had felt remotely happy here, so she was looking forward to a nice weekend re-acquainting herself with her home and possessions. After a leisurely dinner, and a nice long bubble bath, Alice sat up in bed reading for a while after taking her nightly pills. She had borrowed Ruth’s copy of Fallen Angel, and she was quite surprised at how racy it was. It gave her a different perspective of her new friend. She felt the familiar fuzziness of the medication start, so put the book to one side and snuggled down to sleep. The dream, when it came, was different from the most recent. It was sensual, and she was being touched and caressed in the most intimate ways by unseen hands. Alice groaned and writhed slowly under the sensations, fingers finding her clit and dipping deep inside her pussy to touch in amazing ways. Even when those fingers teased her ass it made her whimper and shudder, as her orgasm started to bloom. She came twice in rapid succession, her moans turning into soft wails as the fingers continued to find all her most sensitive places. She was panting and gasping, her whole body a mass of jangling nerve endings, when she felt herself lifted by the hands and carried aloft as though some kind of trophy. She was limp in their grip, her head hanging down watching a light get closer and closer as she floated through the air. The light was blindingly bright red, and, as they got nearer, she could just make out a large figure in its midst. It was blurred and indistinct, but definitely there.

The hands carried her closer and closer, a few of them still touching her to make her wriggle, until she saw the large thing poking out of the light directly ahead. It was a huge, distended cock, the veins pulsing across and around its enormous girth like living snakes. It was only then that Alice started to scream. She felt herself turned, and started to struggle against the hands that were lowering her hips towards the twitching end of the large phallus. She cried out when it touched her, the heat from it feeling as though it seared her tender flesh as it pushed its way between her slick pussy lips. Alice screamed and writhed. There was no way on earth something so large would fit inside her, but the hands pulled her inexorably down onto it. She arched and wailed as the huge cock impaled her, and she could feel those pulsing veins spreading her insides as it pushed deeper and deeper. She was breathless, whimpering quietly as the hands started to move her up and down. She could feel every giant inch of the cock as she was used like a doll to milk it, the hands moving her faster and faster in their urgency to please whoever was attached to the swelling member. Alice hung in the invisible hands crying and gasping as she was rammed down harder, the cock hitting her cervix before she felt it gush hot, burning fluid against her battered insides. Large hands wrapped around her hips to bounce her more, and she could feel long nails raking her skin as the cock pumped and emptied itself inside her. The hands released her, and she slid slowly off the cock to end in a sobbing heap on the floor. She woke with a start, her face wet with tears, and, as she started the mental“Body Check”, she knew it had happened again. Her pussy was on fire, and the *** deep in her belly made her push the covers from her and sit up to look down between her thighs. As she watched, dark red fluid leaked from between her swollen pussy lips. Now there was physical evidence! She groaned as she swung her legs out of bed, the *** in her abdomen sharp and rippling as she staggered across to the bathroom to find something to collect the fluid.

As she passed her mirror, she caught sight of her hips and stopped. There were long deep scratches across her hips and ass, five on each side, as though great claws had been drawn over her skin. She moaned and went though to the bathroom, squeezing her thighs together to retain what she could of the fluid that dripped down the inside of her legs. She found an Aspirin bottle, and, after tipping the few tablets into the toilet, she gingerly held it against her opening to catch what she could. She saw that by the time it had stopped flowing it had nearly filled the small bottle. Whatever had cum inside her must have pumped out at least a pint. She leant against the sink and breathed deeply. At least they couldn’t ignore her claims now! She was just walking slowly through to the bedroom when another thought crashed into her mind. Ruth! Alice phoned her friend immediately, her concern growing as the phone rang and rang without answer. She was on the point of hanging up when it was answered, and a quiet cracked voice spoke into her ear. “Help me!” She dropped the phone and grabbed her car keys, dashing out of her house without even locking the door behind her. She knew it would take at least 30 minutes to get to Ruth’s house, and she hoped she would be in time. She weaved through traffic like a woman possessed, only luck preventing her from attracting the attention of a traffic cop. In just over twenty minutes she screeched to a halt outside Ruth’s home, throwing open the car door before the car had even stopped fully moving and running up the path to the front of the house. She found the door open, and rushed inside calling her friends name, eventually finding her on the floor of her bedroom.

The front of Ruth’s tee shirt was stained deep red by what Alice could tell was the same liquid that had seeped out of her. They had both been visited by the same thing. Her friend was barely conscious, so Alice lifted her carefully back onto the bed. After a few moments Ruth stirred, turning to look at her with haunted eyes. The two women embraced on the bed, Alice soothing her friend as she told of her dream. It had been more or less exactly the same as Alice’s, only in her case she had not been turned around. They had lowered her face first onto the enormous cock. Alice could see the splits at each side of Ruth’s lips, and twice her friend heaved and retched to deposit an amount of the fluid onto the floor. Not knowing what else to do, Alice simply held the shaking woman until she drifted back off to sleep. She lay next to Ruth trying to figure out their next move. Now they had physical evidence, there must be someone out there that would believe their story? She was still running through the options in her mind when she too fell back into a troubled sleep. Alice woke again with a start, reaching out instinctively for Ruth, only to find she had gone. She rubbed her eyes, and then the movement across the room caught her attention and made her gasp in horror.

Ruth was suspended in the air, lying on her back. Her legs were spread wide apart, and she was grunting and groaning in time to the shudders passing through her floating body. As Alice moved around to reach for her, she could see that Ruth’s pussy was gaping as though something huge was being pushed into her. Alice had a good idea what it was. As she watched, Ruth was rotated onto her front, and her hips lifted slightly higher. There was a moment’s pause, and then Ruth screamed as Alice saw her ass start to be invaded by the same giant invisible cock. Seeing her friend writhing and whimpering as she was jerked backwards and forwards made Alice roar in anger, and she charged across to grab Ruth’s flailing arm. Just as her fingers made contact with her friend’s hand there was a flash of bright red light, and Ruth was pulled bodily into the old mirror on her dresser. Alice screamed and tried to reach for her, but, to her utter horror, a huge horned head came out of the glass and turned to look at her. The glowing red eyes blinked at her once before the monster spoke. “She is mine now, as you will be soon. Your Grandmothers gave you both to me in exchange for something they wanted very dearly, so, despite your popular beliefs, you don’t have to offer me your souls.” He smiled a fanged smile. “Just something I might like.” A large, red-clawed hand shot out and grabbed Alice by the throat, stifling her scream as she disappeared into the mirror. The disappearance of the two women was investigated briefly, but, with nothing to go on, the Police concluded they had probably developed a relationship and gone to live another life somewhere else. With no immediate family coming forward to claim their possessions, they were eventually sold to house-clearing experts who auctioned off the items. The two most sought-after things in the salerooms were the antique mirrors. 

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