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Piss etiquette


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I’ve gotten multiple propositions from submissive men to degrade them by peeing on them.

I understand the wet fetish— I think it looks hot, not so much in the pee category since I don’t like being peed on.

That being said, I’m a bit unsure if there are some things to keep in mind?

Like should I hydrate and do a juice cleanse ? Do most pee kinks like the pee smell or just the act of it ? I prefer not in the mouth but is this expected. And frankly, I’m petite, am I suppose to have them sit on the floor while I stand over them ?

Need some tips 😅
Drink a lot of water before peeing. The pee will be as clear as water without salty tasts. You just pee to degrade the other person if he's ok with it. I would!

So remember a lot of this is also about your enjoyment.  If you are happy to piss on someone but not in their mouth then... they should be grateful you're pissing on them ;) 

For position - whatever you're comfortable with.   On the receiving end I've had women climb on baths because that's been what's easiest for them - squat above me as I've been lay down (one blindfolded me so I couldn't see) toilet boxes can be good (and, if in doubt - get the person to buy a commode - for the sake of the act it's easy)

the actual event... yeah, drink plenty so you feel you can pee.  Don't *** yourself and don't do it if you feel unwell 

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I'll tell you that your best bet is to water down. that way if the lucky person is not ready or prepared for the hot salty yellow stream they will still enjoy. you'll see this in a lot of piss porn where the piss is watered down completely.  vipissy especially

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Drinking white wine is a quick way to achieve a full dilute load. And drinking a lot of pineapple juice in the previous day or so will sweeten it too.

Just speaking from my own preference, I enjoy drinking a woman’s piss when she doesn’t hydrate. 

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