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Underwear and fart fetish

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Love to sniff dirty underwear farts and men in female thongs and panties dirtier the better scaly lads in joggers doing wet ripe farts 


Anyone else into this?

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If your in Aberdeen you can sniff mine

Love being ***d to do this it turns me on so much 

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8 hours ago, Yourarsemyface said:

Really want to experience that and more ,want to get into filthy sex.

Oh yes anything in particular? Very few limits here

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I'm into dirty underwear but not really into farts. There's a lot of fantasies that comes with dirty underwear such as gagging other guys with them and switching your dirty underwear with a friend's so your buddy ends up wearing yours without realizing it.  :smiling_imp:

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Yes, I would love to smell the wonderful nature in undies.

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I love to have an ass sit on my face and fart. Also love to blow air in an ass and make him fart.
dirty undies are such a turn on. I have even stolen mates dirty undies form laundry to use for my own pleasure 


Love having a guy sit on my face and feed me farts. 
I also blow air in his ass to make him fart me. 
soo good. 

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