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Something I've been working on

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Let me know your thoughts.

Tied up in the bed you cannot move nor see, you feel anxious but yet excited for the unknown. *click click*, *slam* the door opens and you are startled by it. You hear foot steps all around you just about making out the origin. You know fully well there is only 1 person... or is there, is it only one. 'Damn this echoed room' you think to yourself. What if there are loads of people here all running a train on you, abusing your body and making you their-. "Now" you hear a voice all out talking to you, "Are you comfortable?" The voice says. "Yes sir" you respond quickly as you know he likes quick responses. "Do you have any questions before we begin?"
"Are there anymore people here besides you Sir." You hear a faint Chuckle "hm hm hmm, guess you will have to wait and find out" you feel yourself getting anxious. You hear rustling of what you can only imagine is the equipment he has decided to use. More echoed footsteps fill the room. They stop ... and there is a silence that seem to last forever and then... *Whip* you feel something leather hit your nipple. You squeal as the sharp sudden *** hits you. 'I mean that was actually quite nice' you think to yourself enjoying the pleasure/*** mix. "Now I want no noises out of you until I say so understand?" You nod excitedly and nervously. "Good now let's count to 5" and before he finishes talking *whip* the leather strikes your other nipple. "1" a soft calm voice says as no sound leaves you. *whip* back to the first nipple "2", you move your head to the side as your nipple stings in pleasure. *whip* "3" and before you have time to feel pleasure *SSS-WACK* as he hits you very hard on you nipple you bite your lip and try not to let a sound escape. Both your nipples and now burning with pleasure. "*whip* "5 " a soft one you are relieve but also slightly disappointed there was no *** on the last one. * thud* You hear the dropping of what you can only assume to be the whip. "Now" you feel him get onto the bed with you as the mattress (or what you believe to be the mattress) move from side to side. You hear more sounds coming from both sides of you *thud* *thud* *thud* *thud*. Your mind races 'omg there really are more people here' is it a test? Is he showing me off with how obedient I am? Is he going to let them fuck me one at a time ? What about all at once?. The thoughts race through your mind as all of a sudden you feel something wet across your nipple. "Let's see how sensitive you are " you can feel his tongue move over your right nipple and then your left. You bite your lip softly with the sensation on your still stinging nipples. Then suddenly you feel something wet on both nipples. 'Omg there really are more people' you think to yourself. Suddenly you start to focuse and realise only one of theses feelings is a tongue. You smile and hear a light Chuckle as he realises you have caught on. "Well-done girl" you feel pleased you passed what you can only think can be a test. "Now" the voice says again. "I'm just going to put these one" *clip, clip* you feel something attach onto your nipples and something hanging free on you side. As you wonder what is hanging he pulls on them and you breath in sharply. "They aren't going anywhere" the bed moves again as you feel him maneuver off the bed while running is hand lightly down your body. You then feel his lips kissing your stomach, moving down to your inner thigh and around your pussy that is starting to become very wet. "Mmm" you hear. " Let's see what this tastes like shall we?" You feel his lips kiss your clit softly. "I will allow you to moan softly here but not too load understand" you nod as you feel his lips and tongue on your clit. Your body starts to fight the restraints as the pleasure fills your body. Your back starts to arch as he starts sucking on your clit. You try your hardest to follow the rules but with his tongue moving the way it is over your clit "sir I can't keep quiet any longer OM-" *SLAP* "You better stay quiet and do as your told, do you understand me" his voice is as sharp as the slap that just hit you around the face. "Now... I'm going to resume what I was doing, but if you do that again there will be serious punishments. Do you understand"
"Yes sir" you say softly trying yo please him ... even though that slap made you aroused. "Good girl" he goes back to your clit and start softly sucking and licking it again. You feel the pleasure Rise through your body again but this time keeping all noise to a minimum. You feel his tongue play with your clit. You feel your pussy dripping your that wet. He links from the bottom of your pussy to the top getting all of your juices and then sucking your clit, when all of a sudden you feel something thrust inside your pussy. It feels so good with his tongue and everything else. The gasp out your mouth nearly takes your breath away. "You are so warm inside my fingers are already hot" you hear him say as he moves what you know know are his fingers in and put of your pussy. "You can softly talk now my little slut" he says. "Omg sir please put your cock him me I need it right now" you say at just the right level. He slows down a minute "and why would I do that when I'm having so much fun here" slapping your clit with his free hand and then continues licking. There is so much going on with your body your pussy starts to pulse 'omg I think I'm going to cum' you think to yourself 'should I- ' before you can finish your though "sir I'm gonna cum OH MY FUCKING GOD" then all of a sudden he pulls away. "No please sir, please finish me" as you ***t from all the pleasure. you hear him Chuckle, "I'm not letting you cum yet" he says, "I still have a lot more pleasure to come before I relieve you from your pleasure" more footsteps follow as he you can only imagine him walking to the table of toys. "These will do" he says as you wonder how he is going to *** you now, because that's what he is doing. Making your suffer in pleasure for his enjoyment 'mmmmm' you think to yourself as the thought passes. While you was thinking this you didn't even hear him come back over. You only know he was there because he lifts you bottom up and slides a vibrator up your arse, and you only know it's one of them because it is on. "Oh god sir" so moan, it might only be one low but your still so wet from just. You feel the bed move, he must be ontop of it. You feel both his hands on your arms and the weight of his legs either side of you but then something slides up your body. 'Omg is that his dick' you start to get all restless knowing his dick may finally relieve yo-. "This should stop you talking" he puts something around your head and in your mouth. 'Wait why can't I move my mouth. What's he just put in my mouth'. "Now then" 'wait why is he putting something behind my head' ... 'what's going on' your head is angled up now. Then all of a sudden *glug* his dick is in your mouth. 'Omg it's a spider gag' you think as you are ***d to side his cock. *glug glug glug glug* he thrusts his cock into your mouth without pause...
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Naughty girl! Reading that was Devine! 😈
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