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**TW** An intense first meet

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**Trigger Warning - Reason - Knife play **


Few days of chatting back and forth, being drawn in and finding a psychological connection on a deeper level than before, and a meet up was arranged.
Nervous to go through with it, but far too intrigued to let it wait.
A complete stranger one minute, who knows your darkest desires the next.
In the past a gut feeling told me when something was a bad idea, but the trust was built so easily and I found myself not wanting to disappoint almost from the beginning.
What's happened to the brattiness that I would normally throw left, right and centre?
With every notification that comes through my phone, I'm eager to see what is written.
Only a vague idea of what was to come, with no insight into what your mind was concocting.
My door left unlocked would be a sign I wanted to experience what was swirling around in your head, but equally reassured that if I needed more time, to leave it locked and we would talk first.
I eagerly awaited messages and for a while, nothing. My mind going crazy with thoughts of what's to come.
Then a message appeared to tell me there was a change in time. Heart racing, would you be walking through the door before I was even ready?
Some time passed and then an "are you ready?" message popped up.
Heart racing, waiting for the sound of the door to open, I realise after a while that you're trying to make me nervous. It worked. I sit patiently, trying to relax, but i was unsuccessful.
I hear the door handle go. I dont know what to do with myself, so I sit and i don't move.
Grabbing my hair hard, pulling me from my spot on the sofa, I have no choice but to follow to where you drag me. I have already realised that you're much stronger than I am. You pull my hair hard asking if I'm going to comply and I nod my head as my breathing quickens. You're now holding my wrists behind my back as you make me lay down on the floor. I instantly put my hands back behind my back when told to as I'm cuffed. You don't see it because my face is in down towards the floor, but im grinning and loving every second of it.
You make me get up from the floor with my hands now cuffed behind my back. I'm unable to without assistance, and you pull me harshly to my feet pushing me against the wall and grabbing my throat. Your other hand, now between my legs as you feel how wet I am as you tell me what a dirty little slut I am. You then take some nipple clamps and the sting instantly. You pull hard on the chain, which makes me follow your movement as I try to get as high up on my tip toes as I can. Through gritted teeth, I give you the reaction you are wanting.
The look in your eyes makes me crave more punishment from you.
You pull my hair harshly, and make me face the wall. You tell me there is one more thing I've not yet seen and before I know it, you move quickly, covering my head with a plastic bag. I stay calm, but slight panic shoots through me as the bag runs out of air. You then remove it.
You lead me to the front door, pulling the chain so that I follow you, and then to the kitchen, where you take a knife from the knife block. I instantly quieten, as you bring me back to the living room, where you press the blade to my throat. I shouldn't be so turned on by someone I just met, holding a knife to me like this, should I? You remove the nipple clamps and tell me if I make a noise, that'll I will be gagged so tightly, that there is no chance of me removing it from my mouth. I do my best to be quiet. The knife running over me and I look down to watch what you're doing. "Did I tell you to lower your chin?" I apologise and look up without a second thought.
One hand wrapped around my throat again, my back turned to your body. You hold me close and play with my nipples. The slightest touch hurting as they're now so sensitive from the clamps. I'm reminded again I need to stay quiet.
My breathing is heavy, you lay down a hard slap on my chest and I instantly feel the harsh sting and let out a cry of ***, trying to keep my noise to a minimum. You repeat a few more times before putting the gag in my mouth, undone. I bite down hard on the gag with every strike. You then bite each nipple hard, and although it hurt, the *** was dulled by every other sensations that were going on.
I'm ***d to my knees again, and you begin to spank me hard as I lay over the sofa the *** almost unbearable, but far too enjoyable to give up now. You then help me to my feet again and make me lay over your lap. This lead to more spanking and playing with me. Pure pleasure in between harsh, hard smacks.
The hand cuffs were released and I didnt quite know what day of the week we were on. I sit quietly, trying to gather my thoughts.
I look at my arms, the bruises already emerging, and now every time I see the bruises I smile to myself and hope that it won't be long until more are added.
It was a very pleasurable experience, one I hope to experience again soon.

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