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Filthy turn on.


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One of my fantasies as the title suggests its filthy!!! Please don’t judge. It includes scat so if not your thing please don’t read.

Naked I pull on my elbow length industrial rubber gloves, black pvc apron and full face gas mask. 

Dressed in her basque, crotchless knickers, suspenders and thigh high boots. She pulls on her own thick rubber gloves,  red Pvc apron and full face gas mask.

She orders me onto the bed on my hands and knees. She heavily lubes up her gloved fingers and works them deep inside me. As she works them in and out I fart uncontrollably.  Lube splatters onto her apron. She stops before things go too far too soon. I roll over onto my back and wait for her to straddle me. With her arse pointing at my face I lube up my fingers and insert them into her dirty hole. She takes her clean hand and reaches behind my apron to work my now hard cock.  I pick up pace driving my fingers deep into her arse. I feel it clench around my fingers before releasing and she lets on a huge fart. I continue my assault on her arse. Before long she is clenching again. This time as she releases it’s not just gas that escapes. She strains and shit is being ***d past my gloved fingers.  My apron is getting covered in her mess................

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