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Good Girl

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Good Girl [#1] 

Is it a deep seeded desire that drives her to submission?  

A snake coils round her centre fold

She's pinned to the wall

Her ears prick at the sound of my voice

Yearning to hear my words of validation and approval 

Will she endure any gambit I throw in her path?

A glutton for authority and restriction

With my hand around her throat, she relinquishes her right to breath 

The *** in her eyes tells me to punish her further

Wetness excretes out of her sex 

Her moans reach a crescendo 

My cock throbs against her young innocent skin

Her orgasm slowly dies 

I embrace her, she's enveloped in my calm tyranny

Her eyes implore me for more destruction 

Her cunt begs for more ***

She certainly has an appetite

"Good girl"

These words make her buckle at the knees

Why is this so?

Her loins ignite with an ancient passion as my approval befalls her ears 

She's overwhelmed by these new sensations

The twinkle in her eye is just a tear forming 

She hates that she needs this 

Though she will never give it up 

I am *** by her divine mystery 

And now we will go forth and acquire new prey for us to enjoy




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Definitely what happens to me and what I require
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