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Burn Shame🔥

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For far too long I’ve carried the burden of shame, It was like a disease eating away at my soul. I was ashamed of my body, ashamed of carrying extra weight, ashamed of not having a flat firm stomach, with TV and social media confirming my failures to achieve perfection.

I was also ashamed of my lack of education and blaming my teenage self for the part she played in this. 

I was ashamed of the daughter I was, quick to tell people how vile I was to bring up. 

I was ashamed for my marriage failing for not conforming to the social construct of the perfect wife.

I was ashamed of things that I’ve said and done whilst intoxicated, ashamed to explore my sexuality for fear of being labelled, shame had a hold on me. 

Until recently!

I’ve learnt to love my body! every curve, scar and stretch mark. I love my tummy!

it shows the marks of having carried my babies the scares from having  had an organ removed to save a life. It’s amazing!!

I celebrate my hips and butt I’ve tried to hide for most part of my life. 

I’ve forgiven my younger self, there’s so much of my past self I don’t resonate with anymore, but I love her just the same. 

She was growing and battling though things no one that age should’ve had to deal with, She was doing her best the only way she knew how. She fought hard to get me here and for that I thank her.

I realise now I was a good wife and the failure would have been to have stayed in a marriage that was making us both unhappy. 

I’m embracing my sexuality!

setting boundaries now shame no longer has a hold. 

I’ve made the decision to no longer use alcohol as a crutch and forgive myself for doing so in the past.  

I’m a woman, daughter, sister, auntie and best of all a mother.

I’m not ashamed to be any of these things or what it’s done to my body. 

I love who I’ve become and I’m no longer ashamed of the path I’ve taken and things I’ve done to get here.

Self love and forgiveness have gotten me to where I am today and looking forward to continuing my growth🙏🏻💚 

I hope this inspires people to practice self love and forgiveness.

Don’t hang your head in shame be proud of who you are and what got you here.

Burn Shame! Quite literally,

 write it down and then burn it.

It no longer serves you🙏🏻

Good for you pinky, that's just the way it should be xx be proud of who you are , theres no shame in being your self and so what if that dosnt conform to normal world, normal is only a perception formed by others that dont understand what they see, I wish you all the luck in the world, you go girl x x
hey.. alot of courage to say this aloud. is good to that you did, I am emvlous how brave your are and I need to find my own strength to love my own self and ignoring the social contrast. I have also felt locked and unable to breath, but slowly being here talking to some welling people who appreciate the my being around them has slowly put some straight back in me and today society. just as fire gives rise to new stronger growth in the forest, everytime you burn out, you have a chance you grow stronger
Wow!! This hit hard! Congratulations on your courage to do this for yourself… I hope to one day be able to have the same courage 🥰🥰 you’re amazing 🤩
Love this beautiful,I felt all those words💖

This is so beautifully written,  the strength and power in your vulnerability and honesty is awe inspiring 🙏 thank you so much for sharing ❤🙏




Such beautiful, courageous words spoken from the heart ❤️  thank you for sharing 🙏

Thank you all for your kind words❤️🙏🏻
Well done you for sharing with us all. You are so strong and powerful. 💖 xx

Beautifully written pinky much respect and admiration to you 👏😘 Phenomenal woman 


Wonderful Pinky, very well thought out and poignant advice.

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