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A Breeding Ground

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It was a shallow evening of trivialities.  After being sufficiently drunk at the pub. I bid farewell and meandered home in a wayward state.  Most nights after the pub I would catch the train but that night I went with the bus as it drops me off right near my flat.

I felt the first signs of rain hit my face as the bus shelter emerged into sight.  Waiting for me on the red bench sat a delicate figure.  She paid no mind to my gaze as she inhaled a cigarette whilst scrolling through her phone.  My eyes were initially drawn to her legs.  It didn't take long however to lift my eyes and take in the rest of her.  She was clad in black, her features were cute and striking.  I found myself getting lost in her visage.  As she toked her cigarette her eyes connected with mine.  Feeling a pang of self awareness return I averted my gaze, pretending as if I were none the wiser.  However, during that time I quickly glanced in her direction and felt my heart race as I could see she was still looking at me.

"Do you have a lighter?"

"Oh, yes...here you go"

The rush of adrenaline coursed through my veins as I handed her the lighter.  From her accent I deduced she was Italian. With the cigarette between her ripe ample lips she said "thanks" before letting out a long drawn exhale.  

"Do you want one?" She said holding her hand outstretched offering.

"I don't smoke"

I will freely admit I was quite anxious at this point.  The more I covertly studied her features, the more I realised how stunning she was.  The sort of girl who has her life together, but is still messy enough to make it interesting.  We both noticed that zero buses had stopped to pick us up.  In fact the street was all but deserted.  After an exchange of words we discovered we were headed in the same direction so decided to go together.

If I'm being honest, I think she would agree the conversation was pretty stale, so I won't bother repeating it.  That was until she said "let's cut through this park".

This confused me for two reasons.  First, the way out of that park would take us the opposite direction of where we needed to go.  Second, there was something about the way she said it which made me not think twice about it.

The parks pathway was dark as the sound of her heels echoed through the night.  I felt her hand brush against mine and thought it was just a mistake.  Except for the fact that I could feel her fingers begin playing with mine. 

She stopped abruptly and turned to me

"Listen.  I'm leaving the country tomorrow.  I need to ask you something"

"What is that?"

She answered my question by moving her body closer to me, softly planting her full red lips against mine.  My dick immediately got hard, and she knew it.  She dropped to her knees looking up at me with her jewel green eyes.  Her botton lip parting ever so slightly from the top as she wrestled my belt buckle undone.

The wet warmth of her mouth was a delicious contrast to the cool night air.  She placed her hands behind her back.  I could feel my cock getting deeper down her throat.  Her gagging noises only made me feel more violent.  Mid penetration of her throat I held her tight by her jet black hair and forced her to choke on my now raging hard cock.  

She obliged although I could feel her giving some resistance.  She jolted back and gasped before standing up.  She knelt down taking of her black lace panties from underneath her skirt.  She lifted one leg after the other before neatly placing her panties in her pocket.  Wrapping her arms around my neck, she hopped on my waist then wrapped her legs around me. 

"I want you to cum inside me" she said as I felt her pussy sliding on my cock

"Won't you get pregnant?"

"I'm leaving the country tomorrow, you don't know why I need to be pregnant.  I just do"

With that she withdrew one of her hands from around the back of my neck and spat in her hand.  I didn't know why she needed to do that.  I could feel how wet she already was.  However as soon as she directed the head of my cock to the hole in her cunt.  I realised.  She was so fucking tight that I wasn't sure I would be able to fit inside of her.  Just as that thought passed through my mind she bucked her hips as I felt my cock penetrate her an inch or so.  Her tight pussy walls wrapped around my cock and I could feel her g-spot rubbing against my hard dick.  Causing her to let out a sharp moan as she grinded against me.  She rested her head on my shoulder as she continued to grind, forcing my cock deeper into her cunt.

"Remember I want you to cum inside me, don't pull out"

I'm not sure I could even if I wanted to.  I'd never felt a pussy so warm, wet, and tight.  In between her moans she tongued my ear, clearly sensing that she was going to get her way.  I gripped her hips tighter as I began to thrust to the point of no return.  

"I can feel you're about to cum, your cock is throbbing inside me, let me feel it fill me up"

That was it.  With one last thrust I exploded inside her. Her legs clasped tightly around my waist.  Her body writhed with each pulse of my cock.  I could feel her pussy contracting.

We stayed there for some time before she slowly descended from my grasp.  She made sure I came deep inside her so there was no way for all of it to drool out. As I did up my belt buckle she left me with one kiss on my cheek.  I can still remember how it sent shivers down my whole being. 

"Are you seriously leaving" I said

She briskly walked off in the direction we came while waving her fingers goodbye.

I was stunned for a little while.  The cold was getting to me however so I decided to make haste back home to the warmth of my bed.

I'm not sure who or where she is.  If she ever did get pregnant...or what her reasons for wanting to be were.  What I can say however I'd that I've never cum as hard as I did that night.



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that's some naughty thing....little crazy as well.. make sure you get tested too🤔
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