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Evolution of Worship from the ground up.


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I've been introduced to having my feet worshipped by Fen, and, it's gloriously erotic and spiritual.


I've realised that, in honour of my goddess, it begins at the bottom. You want to worship me? Start at the bottom. With my feet. Make love to them. Carress them. Tickle them. Kiss them. Lick them. 


@FenSWitches You are the earth beneath my feet 😚


How does your worship evolve from foot worship?


How you finding feet worship ? Personally hate feet but would like to understand more what you get out of it as so may like it XX and always be worshipped licked from bottom to top , lots in the middle then lick away the human body is there to explore so many senses XX


@Subsluta It's sublime!

My right foot is super sensitive due to nerve damage after breaking my leg and the sensations when he strokes my foot, kisses it, licks it... in between my toes... the sole, my instep, on top of my foot. He worships my foot the way he worships my pussy. Sensually, slowly, orgasmically.


It's sensual. Loving.  A way of demonstrating he worships all of me, not just my pussy, or boobs.


When he worships my feet, i get the sheer pleasure of how that feels and, i think, to a degree a sense of what he does when he gives me oral sex. Part of it is spiritual. He is my "earth" beneath my feet. In honesty i don't know if i'd react the same to someone else doing it. Is it the act, or is it how i feel about the person doing it? Or both?



He does it in so many different ways too.

He does it as a lover, as a warrior, submissively, dominantly. 

And with respect, always with respect.

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