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My Goddess Part Two

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I was late again to visit my Supreme Goddess in her temple, this time 15 minutes instead of 2 hours! I arrived at the temple and Sir let me in and led me to the room to undress and await my Supreme Goddess. When my Goddess came to call me and lead me to the dungeon, she explained that there was a punishment waiting. She chastised me ,like the pet that I would be later in the evening. She chastised me in the dungeon for being late, experiencing sub frenzy, and naughtily hinting at things I wouldn’t like, the anal hook and the cane.
As my Supreme Goddess fastened my wrists and ankles, so that I was spreadeagled tightly to a frame, I wondered what was in store for me. My Goddess was full of surprises during my first visit and was a Mistress of suspense, surprise and imagination! As I waited uncomfortably enough to know who was in charge, she opened the door and took over the collar and lead from Sexy Susie, who looked devastatingly awesome in her BDSM gear . Attached to the lead was another sub, who was lead in on all fours and his face was positioned in front of my pubic region. Once again I was being surprised by my Goddess!
“Maggot Dick, take him in your mouth”
“No no no, please Mistress”, he pleaded and begged.
“Cunty Bollocks, this is your punishment, and it’s all your fault”
Maggot Dick took me in his mouth, being commanded to make it a good blowjob. He licked the tip and shaft of my penis, before taking all of me into his mouth and moving his mouth, lips and tongue all the way down my shaft.
“Stop , come lay down on your side facing the wall Maggot Dick.”
My Goddess and Sexy Susie released me from my restraints and I was commanded by my Goddess.
to lay down facing Maggot Dick in a 69 position.
“Take him all the way into your mouth and deep throat him Maggot Dick. I want you to do the same Cunty Bollocks, all the way down your throat”
While we were both giving total and obedient attention to each other’s dicks, my Goddess called out repetitive commands, delivered with authority.
“Make him come Maggot Dick, don’t you dare come Cunty Bollocks, make him come Cunty Bollocks, don’t you dare come Maggot Dick”
These commands were repeated over and over as I felt Maggot Dick taking me deep in his mouth. I performed , as I had done last session, when I had practised on my Supreme Goddess’ big penis dildo. I had also done homework on a carrot, following my Goddess’s instruction to practice deep throating and not gagging. I took Maggot Dick deep down my throat as far as I could without gagging and until I started to gag, before retreating with my mouth and lips back up his shaft. Both of us continued the process and neither of us came, until she commanded us to stop. Maggot Dick was led out of the room again on all fours by the devastatingly awesome Sexy Susie.

It was explained to me again as to why I had been punished, as well as explaining my bi curiosity to me.
My Supreme Goddess then asked if I had been caned at school and I was from that generation that had, enjoying the attention of the girls at school but filled with ***, anticipation and adrenaline before, during and after the caning! My Goddess told me to lie face down on the spanking bench and gave me some whips on my back and my bum and some more sharp stinging paddling on my bum to leave some bruising and marks to remind me that she owned me. Goddess loved to make my cheeks go red! My Goddess then told me that she needed to lube my anus and the anal hook before penetrating.
I felt the anal hook go in with ease and she massaged me as she gave some firm, but gentle, tugs on the hook, which was an incredible first time feeling. Goddess asked me how it felt as she gave gentle tugs, alternating with firm and prolonged pulls. She then gave me a few firm strokes with the cane as she pulled more firmly. My Goddess then extracted the anal hook, which left an after feeling up my anus. She then showed me a lengthy row of anal beads and said that she would insert all of them. I had told her that I had my own vibrating anal beads which were as long as I could find. I felt my Goddess’s fingers lubing me some more, after she had lubed the anal beads. The asked if I could feel each one entering as she went slowly. It was very sensual as she quickened the pace into and out of my anus. She told me that I was very open and accommodating up there, as I heard the slippery sound of beads going in and out. Goddess gave me a few strokes with the cane snd then continued with my treat.
When she had finished and asked how I had felt during the all male sex session. I said it was a bit overwhelming ,but also she had shown her authority and ownership over me and I had shown total obedience, loyalty , dedication and love to my Goddess. There was never any doubt in my mind that I will follow and obey everything that my Superior Goddess demands of me and I will never disobey!
Sir called to say that dinner was ready. I went down the stairs on my bottom, which is Supreme Goddess’s standard way for me to go up and down the stairs. I followed and crawled on all fours to the dining room where Sir had cooked an absolutely gourmet roast meal, being an excellent chef! Supreme Goddess dished up generously for me and placed my plate on the floor, while my Goddess and Sir ate at the table. I ate on all fours from my plate lapping it up like the good, loyal pet that I am. Goddess did make an exception this time , that I was allowed to use a knife and fork.

I am being trained by my Supreme Goddess and Sir to be a Dom. After dinner, I was shown behavioural and cautionary techniques as well as correct whipping techniques, courtesy of Goddess and Sir. I am committed to join my Goddess’s temple as a Dom and will learn from two of the best in BDSM.

Dedicated to my friend on my profile.
And also dedicated to my sub friend that is a heroine for coming through her issues so well. She is a fighter and a survivor! I’m really fond and proud of her!
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