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Ever got trapped?

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Hey guys and girls would to hear your stories about getting trapped or stuck in a bondage sessions. It can be self bondage, or with a partner, but I'm mainly looking for true stories of experiences you got caught or had to get someone for help or maybe you managed to get out yourself but it took a long time.


Here is my story

I only ever met someone into bondage when I was in my mid 20s so this is a self bondage story. Been doing that since I was about 10. I think I was about 18 at the time and mostly I tie myself at night in the middle of the night because it's dead and noones gonna storm into my bedroom unannounced, obviously it comes with the draw back of having to be quiet. Anything like duct tape has to be so carefully peeled off otherwise it's makes that hollow scraping noise only a thick roll of duct tape makes. Or chains clattering and chiming like penny's falling onto a counter top. The clink of handcuffs and the distinct sound of fapping and movement in my bedroom haha .
So I opted to play during the middle of the day on the landing to add to the peril of getting caught. At the time should say I was living with my step mum my dad and my 2 step ***s. All of them had gone out for the day to watch Leicester tigers play a think a final. So they wouldn't be back for hours.
Because I've done it many many times before and often as you know it, you make things far too elaborate when you are horny. Well this time I opted for using my hinged handcuffs the ones without the chain to make things more difficult. I've got really bug hands and long fingers so I can just about reach the key hole. Takes a lot of bending of the fingers and wrist to reach though. It makes my hand look like the guy from scary movie, USE YOUR STRONG HAND haha.

At that time to get new ideas and new release options I have been reading on sites like boundanna all these ideas of ice timers. So I jerry rigged a design together, essentially they prolong your state or being tied up due to the ice dripping and needing to melt most of the way to let the keys drop. I hooked it upto the bathroom light on a long sock and I had put about 3 or 4 semicircle ice cubes in it and then put the key ring over the top attached to a large heavy padlock to make sure it didn't snag on the material and didn't drop. Should take about 40 mins to drop so I set that up first and I takes a while to get yourself tied up so I thought it will be nearly ready to release when I am all tied up.

I gather my pile of supplies together, over the years I've collected a fair few items, stockings socks belts, handcuffs, posture collars, ball gags, all kinds of tape, rope dog collar *** chains, juggling balls, laptop straps.... yeh I've tried many different items and give them a new life haha.
I wanna have a crawling element involved so I place one set of keys on my step *** bed about 10 metres away and the other set are hanging on the bathroom light from the ceiling. *** pumping I get some metal leg cuffs on my legs, a 2 inch juggling ball crammed into my mouth, then I wrap 2 layers of duct tape over my mouth wrapping it round the back of my head. I get a pair of tights borrowed from my step ***s room and put it over my head to make a hood. You can kinda still see out of it but obviously there are fibers blurring things. I have my handcuffs to the side of me. I also have my chappy phone with me, it was like a sony erricson jobby one with no touch screen. I hesitantly grab my handcuffs check everything is set I'm not gonna *** or whatever.

Right let's do this so I thread the chain the other side of my handcuffs so I am in a hogtie click click click.
I roll around for a few minutes getting the feel for it. This isn't bad, handcuffs kinda digging into my wrists but meh. Then I think right let's get the keys I check on the keys in the bathroom and they are still dripping away onto the bathroom floor. Right let's commando crawl to the bedroom. I make the fatal error of not double locking the cuffs and roll over onto my back to swap directions and now crush the handcuffs with my body weight and they are SUPER TIGHT. They have locked into my wrist joint so I can't even flex my left hand to get the key into the cuffs. OH FUCK.
It's really starting to hurt now but I'm at the bed. Ermm I'm in a hogtie and who's bright idea was it to put the key on the bed in the middle of the bed. I'm standing on my knees to reach this key can't lift my arms above chest height wtf. I didn't think this through. So I crawled back to the landing and thought I'm gonna be stuck till they come back.

I turn my head and reach for the phone to call someone can barely see the screen, fuck I'm still gagged I need to remove this thing out of my mouth. Wow this is what it feels like to be actually ***.

I try and rub my face on the ground but I'm still wearing this hoof so there is little to no friction my tape is not moving I get up to reach a door handle to get some purchase on my tape and get it off spit out my gag. Then grab my phone and call for help. I say on the phone I'm tied up can u come and get me out, they are like ya what?

I have to reiterate the situation and they say we'll we are 2 hours away I will call Sarah who has a key.

She comes over and let's me out. Part of me wanted her to then play a little but I was in a bit of a state in a lot of *** haha

thanks for reading now lets hear yours

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