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my first mini run was a very simple text message to my friend...

"Are you coming to the gig on Thursday?"
"Yes, but I'm leaving after the band as I'm going to Tension"
"What's Tension?"
"A fetish club"
"Can I come?"


And the second time round wasn't massively different - few drinks at a friends house got a bit raunchy and then a few days later a bit "So, would you come to this club with me" and I'd been meaning to go for a while, "OK, sure" and then after remembering how much I missed stuff, getting involved in munches and more events. 

A rope buddy helped me search for communities in my area and recommended this app.
I was 18 and fresh out of high school while dating someone who was 20, and she had mentioned a space for us to explore ourselves sexually. So we went to our first fetish event. She asked me to be her primal Hunter and daddy dominant partner, someone who could put her in her place. It went from there as we went to the event, I had her collared and leashed after we did some research on appropriate Dom/Sub relationships and how they work. We had a blast and I’ve never looked back. I knew I was a dom the moment she looked me in the eye with a face of despair and absolute despair.

I was in my late teens and worked away from my home town. One of my colleagues knew of the local fetish clubnight near me and asked if I fancied joining them on a night out there when neither of us were on shift. They came for a visit, we got ready at mine, I had a very interesting evening, and the ball was then rolling...

A chance conversation in a chat room back at the dawn of the mainstream Internet - was with a submissive and the more we chatted, the more light bulbs of recognition of what I had been feeling for years went off - that conversation started a voyage of discovery that continues to this day.
I knew always I was diferent In the “conventional sex” matter. However, coming from Spain, the scene there is almost non existent or just full of fake kinksters. (Which applies here on edinburgh but in a way less amount).

One day, the company I worked for (bar) asked me if I was interested on a cover shift. So I did that shift.

It was at the caves, where torture garden was taking place that night.
I didn’t know anything. But that night (one of the best shifts of my life) I discovered the scene here.

After that, I made some connections and here I am now, 4 years later.

The scene here is rather toxic due to some fake Doms and some people who are only looking for easy sex. Reason why I stepped back. But trying again to get to know likeminded people. And is very complicated now tho…
I have been wanting this for as long as I remember. When I turned 18, I met a D online and that’s how it started. Kinda simple
7 hours ago, DuckArtist said:
Its full of naive low intelligence men and sociopaths here who struggle with women and think that for some reason they will have it easier here. They are abusers looking for victim. Also married cheaters stuck with vanilla wifes but too weak to divorce and then men absolutely lacking charisma, boring.

Wow you don't pull punches do you? And whilst *some* of what you say is true about *some* users, both men and women, I think it does a complete disservice to the many good people that are here too.
The key is being able to spot them

As far back as I can remember, I've been "different" sexually. Early on in middle & high school, I realized I was into things that nobody else was & I thought something was wrong with me lol I lived with that shame for years. Then around the age of 26 I was introduced to BDSM & kink in general by a gf who turned into my first (& only) mistress. That first dynamic taught me that I'm not really that submissive lol I went on to learn that the power exchange was more important to me than anything sexual. Since then I've grown into a switchy soft Dom with a thing for shibari 😋
With first gf, about 50 years ago. The alternative lifestyle never leaves you, once you've discovered how much more there is to share, if you communicate honestly, openly and listen to what others say, or tell you. You never stop learning too.
A really hot guy I met,didn’t get his number but I will never forget his body
I’m still trying to make connections.
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