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Getting started here as a Dominant female preferring submissive girls


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Use the chatrooms and forums, be yourself and even if Domme be respectful, and don't just jump in, take time talking and learning, and if you think you've found someone talk with them about themselves and life in general 😁


From your kinky confessions answers it seems you've made a pretty good start!!!
I would always suggest writing a considered and explanatory profile, clearly stating what you do and do not want.
Join some groups and discussions, attend events and munches once running again.
Politely and respectfully contact people that interest you.
Good luck and enjoy your journey!


I would say the advice I offer is non role specific, so works.for Dominant, sub or switch. I would add that as a sub you have far more competition, so try to stand out from the others with you profile or introductions. Try to show what you have to offer a Dominant and make sure that you don't sound like you only think of your self.
Good luck and enjoy!

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