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Health and Safety..!

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Read an article in a magazine about hygiene...Specifically about the use of whips , gags..etc...By professional Doms....About what can be passed if items are not cleaned  before used on a next client..it !s really worrying.!..After reading that article...I  would  never take the risk of using a Dom..Even if they give an assurance that the items have been cleaned properly..!....How does one know that they are being truthful.!..Think about it...It is a dangerous game...exciting ..yes...but is it really worth the risk of not knowing what you might end up with ...A very provocative post...but would any Dom like to explain what precautions they take between seeing clients in terms of hygiene..!..Cassie


I can't answer for any professionals, but I know I personally am meticulous when it comes to hygiene, doubly so if skin has been broken , it's not difficult or even time consuming to clean or sterilize items, and being as that's how they make their living I doubt very much if they neglect that side of things. Equipment and furniture  maintenance would be a high priority, repeat business is their bread and butter, and word of mouth a close second, infected wounds would not be a great adverisment..in much the same way as tattooists, beauty salons etc., operate..cleanliness and hygiene becomes second nature like a doctor washing their hands inbetween patients.

Of course you've every right to be cautious, but I think you're over reacting with such a blanket statement.. that's like saying all takeaways are rat infested, or every taxi driver is a sex pest..common sense really should prevail..anyone planning on meeting a Pro Domme can easily just ask, or observe, or even ask to take their own toys in with them, and I'm certain no professional would have a problem with that.



I think having a concern for safety is good - and, you know, I'm aware of some bad practices : but it's certainly not a wide spread problem.

How most dungeons work, whether by pros or private hire - any equipment you use gets put in a box and then someone takes it all for sterilisation at the end of the day.

Of course, there is always a risk someone will just put-it-back and in which case if things like this are a concern, you can clean it (or ask it to be cleaned) before use.

Canes are perfectly fine to draw *** and then be cleaned and used on someone else - providing they don't splinter - because they are not porous. 

Things like floggers should usually be fine with a clean after use, but, if they happen to draw *** they should then only be used on that person.  

Dungeon hygiene is important and usually well stuck to - but, let's be honest, how many private couples clean their own toys between use : not an issue if only used on their partner, but, I've been in many clubs and it's never the Pro's who fail to wipe things down after use.... dun dun dun...

Mind, the risks - while there are - are minimal. 

But yeah, we could all improve by being hygiene aware.


The long article referred to the practise of on the spot visits to Dom's , Dungeons in Germany and Amsterdam...to check on Hygiene and so on...It did refer to the UK..and it seems that Hygiene is much more serious  problem in those countries !.Not my personal view point...One short sentence has been removed..not by me...will not mention that short sentence.,but again it was from the article said by someone who seems to have a personal vendetta.!..I do have alot or respect for `Dom's and what they do...But I do feel that it is better to be cautious...I really like MsJax's comment about taking one 's own toys...but how many members have their perfect range of toy's..I can't imagine stocks etc..been in ones cupboard..rings on the wall..what would your mum say..maybe..What are they for..?...but you never know..!.....A mobile Dom...now that would be something..I will be first..I wonder if any Dom has thought about providing a mobile service..Cassie


there are Doms whom provide mobile services - these are usually referred to as "outcalls"

A lady I used to see didn't have her own premise so I would hire a premise and have her come to me - and I'd often book dungeons that had beds in and so the dungeon hire turned out cheaper than hotels.

Anyway, missing my point.

It's always important to have an idea of what to look out for - honestly, this won't be as serious as implied : but if you can spot good practices it puts you at rest.

The heaviest caning I ever took was from someone who is a trained vet!  Meant I could see the hygeine was strong and she also cleaned me and everything up good when I started splurting *** everywhere....

18 hours ago, Cassie34 said:

..Not my personal view point...One short sentence has been removed..not by me...will not mention that short sentence.,but again it was from the article said by someone who seems to have a personal vendetta...

Are you saying this isn't your own original content? I will have to remove it, if so. 

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