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Why can I start a conversation with a member and later to be told that this member needs to be verified..!..before we can continue to chat..Cassie..


Hi @Cassie34

Good question! 
There are many reasons a member can be in the process of having their profile verified. While their profile is getting verified, you wont be able to write them a message, but as soon as the profile check is carried out you can continue your conversation :) It normally doesn't take very long. 

The reason for the verification check is to make sure anyone who's a member of the Fetish.com community has the ability to: 
1. Show other members that they are real and genuine by getting their profile verified
2. See who else is real and genuine (i.e. has the verification check)

We want to make the community as safe as possible, and for all our members to have the best experience on the site. 

I hope this helps!  

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