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Newbie amputee fetish


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Hi all new to this site and community me and missus signed up to see what people’s thought s and other amputee/devotee likers are about .. first up I am not one how wants to be a amputee I just like female amputees just find them attractive from young age really don’t know why ?? We like to pretend with my missus as the amputee.. feel like I am the only one / couple in world how do this and big question are we , also like feed back from other members in general each to our own as they say thanks 

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You’re defo not the only ones in the world! It’s not my bag but I’ve known a few couples that are into it.

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Never met a gal in person that was into my amputations  Devotee/wannabe etc.   But there are people out there (or so I'm told)  would I date an amputee gal?  You Bet.  But I'm more interested in the person's intelligence and personality first. Missing fingers, hand, leg etc. just gives us something in common with each other. If she was interested in my stumps, then more power to her.  (but, I would like to know up front that she is a devotee etc.)  It does not matter...  I just like to know.


dont ever be ashamed or feel bad about your own kink, except of course for the obvious illegal one. If you type amputee fetish you would find lots of you :) 

there was a dancing program this year with a female amputee and she was quite sexy and wonder how many time she must have been asked if she is using her amputeed arm lol

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