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My Secret Saviour


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When I close my eyes longing for happiness. Wishing to myself that you might actually exist. You come.

Me: *going to sleep on a Friday knowing I don’t have work tomorrow, having time to look ahead to the rest of the empty pillow and long for a loving disturbance*

You: *gives a slight mystical chill down my spine*

Me: *shivers and gets more tired to the point of collapsing*

You: *appears in a physical form and kisses my forehead whilst taking hold of my head and body and pulling me in to your chest, warm and smelling of lavender*

Me: *breathing gets a tiny bit more faster paced as I feel my longing emotions turn into little tears as I’m held so close and warm. Refusing to give in and just accept the moment*

You: it’s your turn 🥰❤️ not to sleep another night so alone my dearest loved one 💜😘 *grazes my back and hair very gently with your nails and wraps your legs around mine*

Me: *finishing my little tears and refusing to cry lots like I want to, in case I never get this moment again*

You: that’s okay sweetheart x 😘 *kisses my forehead again* go to sleep my sweetest boy 🥰 maybe tomorrow you can unravel with me

Me: *whimpering* Y..es please.. (thinking that this could be.. my saviour that I have always dreamt of)

You: I love you 😘 goodnight my little baby 🥰😘 *holds me a little tighter with a bit of a squeeze before comfortably letting me fall into a spiralling sleep*

Me: G..Goodnight.. my love.. *breathes very deeply and falls unconsciously asleep* 😴 💤 🛌
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