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Mommy fetish and Mommy Roleplay advice wanted!


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Ay, so my new boyfriend is really into Mommies. I'm totally into it too, not as much as he is but I've been quite enjoying both having sexual fun and fluffy fun with my 'little boy'. 

The problem I'm running into is that we're a LDR (long distance relationship) so many of our encounters, sexual or not, are text based. I'm having a hard time coming up with good things to say, as I'm sure calling him my little boy, special boy, and baby constantly is getting a bit repetitive. I'd love to know if any of your female lovers say/ do anything that really excites you during Mommy roleplay. 

As clarification it's just mommy roleplay, he isn't dressing up in diapers or anything, simply calling me mommy during sex stuff and craving motherly affection (his actual mother seems to have not been in the picture much, and was a cunt. I'm absolutely happy to let him "lie on mommy's soft breasts and watch [his] favourite movie until he falls asleep" if he feels that is the type of attention/ nurturing he needs).
So yeah! Just looking for tips from either well seasoned mommies (if they happen to be reading this section) and... little boys? Not sure what the terms for this are, haha. Please help with my mommy roleplay!


How about giving him little tasks to complete, depending on what you think he'd be good at or enjoy doing? Little's love to please their caregivers & can get immense joy from the approval & fuss they receive when they complete a set task as part of mommy roleplay.

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I'm interested in mommy roleplay too.

Send him to bed at 7pm one night.....

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