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Quietly Dreaming


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I’m lying quietly in bed. Naked and waiting. Dozing in and out of sleep. I think I hear the door but I’m not sure. As always you are so quiet. I fall back asleep.

Slap! The sound and *** wake me from my slumber. But sleep claws to hold on. Is this a dream? I moan in to my pillow.

Slap! Harder this time. The *** chases the sleep away. But the dream had already made me wet for you. The *** feels like pleasure. “Daddy” I sigh. A smile crosses my face.

Slap! Slap! Slap! In quick succession. The *** is becoming the *** you need. I start to whine and moan. Alternating between the feelings.

Then you are there on the bed. Kissing me as your strong hand rains blows on my ass. I love it when you kiss me! Such passion transmitted through the touching of our lips and tongues. The biting of my bottom lip. *** to add to the *** on my ass.

My pussy is on fire and dripping in it’s need. But that is not what you want. It is a side note.

My ass is burning as your blows continue. One cheek then the other. Several blows in a row or maybe one. Keeping me on edge wondering what will come next.

Then you roll me on my back. This is the hard part. I know what is coming. The hard fast slap to my breast. The *** exploding in my brain. This is where I struggle. My breasts are so sensitive. But this is where you need to be. You pinch my nipples and pull. Tearing more *** from my body. Ow’s and howl’s of *** fall from my lips between the ravaging kisses you give.

I start to struggle more. Your hand wraps around my neck. Reminding me who is in charge. As the slapping and the pinching continues.

You pause to rub and sooth my punished flesh. Kissing me softly. But it is only a reprieve. It will start again soon. But I am surprised just the same when you roll me to my side. I groan and moan. “What Baby?” the only thing you say. My answer is lost in my brain. You kiss me again. My favorite drug.

Your hand reaches around and the slap to my ass starts it all again. Blows falling in the pattern in your head. My breasts being ***d by the fabric of your shirt as I twist and turn. Eventually you roll us to the other side so my other ass cheek will not be forgotten. More slaps the only sound in my head.

The alarm comes to soon. Your break is ending. The kisses become softer and more lingering. The slaps transform in to rubbing and soothing. Your strong arms surround me.

The alarm again. Our time is through. You leave as quietly as you came. Sleep claims me again.

Later in the day I awake again. I wonder if it was a dream. I examine my body and the reality is plain. It was no dream. The bruising has begun. The marks are already beautiful to me. The colors will only increase my pride and joy. Such a wonderful dream made reality.

Thank you Daddy!
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