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BOSS BABE PART TWO Samantha's discovery

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Hello again kinksters! Thanks so much for the positive comments on part one! That keeps me going with this series. Anyway, we left off with Samantha crashing into Dominic at the food store. The text has been sent, and now it is time for the dinner date to begin. 

  Samantha drove in traffic all the way north to the Italian restaurant and pulled her BMW into the parking lot.  An old pickup truck followed behind. It was Dominick. He got out of the truck, and walked up to her. He was wearing a button down black satin shirt, that showed off his physique quite well. His black jeans hugged his strong quads, and his pointed black shoes shined like mirrors. She had on a business suit, as she drove straight from work. High heeled boots. “Right on time. I like that” Dominick said with a smile. “OMG traffic was horrible. I thought I wouldn’t make it!” Sam quipped. Dominick put his hand on her shoulder and led her in the restaurant. The waiter knew his name, and they were seated. 
Dominick started “Id like to apologize for my temper at the food store. I am usually in control of my emotions” 
“I am sorry too. I felt so bad after seeing you hitting your head.” Sam replied. 
The dinner went well. The food was great, and Sam found that Dominick was a great listener. He wanted to know about her college days, her career, her promotion, and her hobbies. She told him everything. He looked at her intently. absorbing the information.  Getting into pretty women's minds is a skill Dominick enjoys using. She talked a lot like most young ladies, but she was reflective about herself. He found that interesting. She was also very intelligent. Strong willed though. A girl in charge. A boss babe. The more she talked to him, it seemed the more masculine she got. This turned off Dominick.  He found out more about her boyfriend. He seemed like a normal young man. He was climbing the ladder just like Sam, but it was obvious that she was in charge of that relationship. He was the weaker one. "To all their own" Dominick thought. He had dated bossy women before. It wasn't for him. 
  Sam was turning the conversation towards Dominick. She asked kind of passively what he was into. Was he married, did he have kids? Dominick responded he didn't. This was a choice he was thankful to make. He enjoys his alone time, and he enjoys his hobby which is his old car collection. Then he thought he would shock her with his "other" hobby. "And every now and then I like to dominate in the BDSM lifestyle." He casually said with a small smile.
  Sam was taken aback, but then became interested. "Like master/slave?" Dominick smiled "yes something like that." She let him know about reading fifty shades of gray. He never read the book, but said he saw the coming attractions for the movie, and wasn't impressed. That kind of dulled the conversation, and it was getting late. Dominick got out his credit card, and said " I got this. It  was a great conversation." Sam insisted on paying, but Dominick would have nothing of it. He walked her to her car, and said "Drive safe." She nodded. He walked away, got into his truck, and drove off expecting to never see her again. She watched him drive off. She wanted to know more. 
 The next week, and weekend were...well...normal for Sam. Work was hectic, but she was able to keep a handle on things. Jim, her boss, had actually sent her a complimentary email. The hard work was paying off.  Sam and Justin's relationship was fine, nothing exciting. There was something else in the back of her mind. She kept thinking about what Dominick said. A master, a leader. What does that mean? What do they do? What is it like?
  She just knew Dominick would never text her. She was going to have to make the move. She resisted at first, but then sent the text "can we meet again? I have questions" Dominick replied to the text "about what? She just replied "Dom" He understood immediately. Then he responded "I'll be in Austin Thursday. We will meet for lunch. pick a place."  She replied "WuChow on 5th" He just send a simple message back  "1:00"
  They meet on time again. This time he is in blue jeans, and  a tight T shirt. She is in a long dress, and heels. "Nice to meet you again." Sam smiled. "likewise" Dominick replied. They sat at a table and ordered.  Small talk started with Dominick saying "I heard about this place. I've been planning on trying it out." "You won't regret it." Sam answered. There was a silence. Dominick wasn't going to lead this conversation. She had questions. She wanted to see him again. He was going to let her start it, no matter how awkward it got. At about that time the food was ready, and they sat to eat.
Sam finally broke the silence. "I am interested in what you said last time we met." She said confidently like the boss babe she is. 
Dominick replies "Oh really? What was it that I said?"
"The BDSM thing"
He laughs,  and repeats her "BDSM thing."
She looked at him seriously "How does someone get into something like that?"
He looked at her inquisitively "Someone?" 
"I said I was interested"  She said looking at him straight in the eyes. He stared right back at her..She then looked down at her food.
Dominick then said "Well if you want to be a dominatrix, they are in demand. plenty of guys want to be dominated...girls too if you are into that"
"No no...um.."
Dominick started eating "OK no girls.. Got it"
"No..I want to be..."She looked up with her brown eyes. An innocent look that Dominick remembered at the food store. "I want to be a submissive."

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